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Le Baron Tokyo x Moet Rose: Join For A Night Of Pink Champagne Bubbles and Love Party

Last March 2, I went to Le Baron Tokyo in Aoyama for the Join For A Night Of Pink Champagne Bubbles And Love party which was sponsored by Moet Chandon and Le Baron (of course!!!). It was a night of art, music and fashion combined in one event. There was a live painting show which was lead by Aya Takano (member of the Kaikai Kiki art company lead by world renowned superflat artist Takashi Murakami), a live performance from the all-girls band group Mushroom Hotel (キノコホテル) and amazing DJs spinning namely Tokyo Dandy, Misha Janette, XUXU and others.

I had a great time busting on the dance floor especially when Tokyo Dandy started their spin set. All sorts of pop music from Japanese, Korean and international industry but what made me really dance was when they played Kylie Minogue’s 80’s hit “I Should Be So Lucky”. Hahaha!!! I was waiting for XUXU and Misha’s turn on the DJ booth but I had plans the next day, thus, I had to leave the party a little too early.


Every time I go home to the Philippines, it’s always a part of my agenda to visit my Alma Mater, the University of Santo Tomas (UST) for a big dose of college nostalgia. I would always see my professors for some time and talk to them how my life has been since graduation, my former students who happen to go to the same university, my Teatro Tomasino family who made my college life more colorful and exciting and my former classmates who are now professors in UST. No one can deny the fact how much of a loyal and proud alumni I am. Graduating college is something you can be proud of, but, humility and modesty aside, graduating in one of the greatest schools in the Philippines (and probably in the world) adds to the glory of having a university diploma. Surrounded by overflowing history, culture, and greens (UST is definitely a good place in Manila to find trees in one area), it’s not that hard to follow the advice of Tokyo’s most leading fashion bloggers, Tokyo Dandy, whenever I am in UST- RELAX!

Tokyo Dandy x Americal Apparel anniversary tank top, H&M pants, glasses from the department store, Converse ankle high sneakers, gifted bracelets from Cebu, UST @ 400 and a personalized one

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Good Girls' After-Party Moments

Usually, whenever people say the word “partying”, they would always think of the usual after-party scenes. Throwing up anywhere because of too much booze, getting one’s self to trouble, hooking up with a random stranger and all the same sorts. Well, what about the good girls? What happens to them after a night of few shots and a lot of dancing?

Their stomachs will grumble like hell in the middle of early morning and there’s nothing they can do but to give in to their tummy’s demand of food. They grab a bite in the nearest 24 hour restaurant, fast food or convenience store.And when they decided to eat in the middle of the streets, random strangers will just come and talk to them, as if those poeple have known them for quite some time.If they chose to wear high heels, good girls’ feet get too tired from all the dancing. So they take it off and walk themselves away barefooted without a care.And on their way home, like any party-goer, they also can’t help but sleep in the trains or whatever public transportation they use.It was my first time to go clubbing with my girls, Ena, Niki and Tina and we decided to spend it in Tokyo Dandy’s 3rd anniversary party in Club Africa in Daikanyama. Because I know these girls are meek as lambs, I decided not to go hardcore partying with them. Not too much drinks but of course, a lot of dancing and chit-chat with random strangers. It was a very mild kind of partying for me but I enjoyed it because I was in the company of very good friends. I could have pushed them to go wild but I felt like I was responsible for them if something wrong happens. A good friend doesn’t push his friends to fall in the cliff.

But mind you, I’m not a good girl. I’m absolutely not. Hahaha! I just chose to be responsible. *winks*

So take it from us, kiddos! You can party hard but party responsibly for less troubles.



Young Lovers’ Dress to Kill @ Le Baron de Paris Tokyo

Last June 18, I went to Le Baron de Paris in Aoyama to attend the Young Lovers’ Dress to Kill event.

It was my first time in Le Baron and it was almost ruined by the bouncers but thank goodness to the good music and all the wine, I was able to pull through the night. The whole place was a blast with all the fashionably eccentric people and the thumping of the speakers with music. Also, the club was covered with foils and beautiful decorations from the genius Noritaka Tatehana, one of Lady Gaga’s famous shoe makers.

I actually went to Le Baron alone but I was happy and surprised when I bumped into some friends and familiar faces.

Here’s Dan of Tokyo Dandy. I was so happy when I approached him (or he approached me, can’t really recall now) with all this overwhelming warmth. I was glad that he still recalls me though we only met for the first time during their 3rd anniversary party in Africa.

Gervin x Dan

 The adorable and ever gorgeous, Misha Janette. She never fails to paint the town with so much sunshine with her very friendly smile and her avant garde fashion.

 The handsome Joe of Tokyo Dandy. Gosh!!! He’s sooooo hot!!!

Joe x Misha

The very lovable Mai-chan!

 My FAB friends Brad and Kike of FAB Academy Tokyo. I was surprised when they showed up in the middle of the dance floor, wearing their S&M outfits.

Kissy kissy Kike and me.

Me, Mel and Kike! These guys are crazy. I love them big time.

Mel being f*cking craaaaay craaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

Oooohhhh!!! Adam. I’m so glad I met him. He’s such a nice guy aside from being a good dancer. He killed the dance floor when he suddenly appeared from nowhere and started dancing the night away like a god. I super love this guy!!!!

My friend, Chen, at the right. She’s the right girl to be with when you want to partaaaaaaaay!!!

I ended up all drunk and I didn’t know how I got myself home after the night. But I can definitely recall how wonder the Young Lover’s Party was together with their tin foil wrapped party from Noritaka Tatehana. You know it’s a good party when you smelled like cigarettes and have a spill of wine all over your favorite dress…and you don’t regret it.

Tokyo Dandy 3rd Anniversary Party @ Club Africa

Last June 18, my girls and I went to Tokyo Dandy’s 3rd anniversary party in Club Africa in Daikanyama.

Me and Dan of Tokyo Dandy. He’s such a nice friendly guy.

Joe, rocking it in the DJ booth.

VERBAL killed the night. Unbelievable!

Me and my girls, Tina and Niki.

Ena, my loves!

Yoshio Yokobori of CANDY. It was nice to see him again. He was able to tell me stories of his Seoul trip.


My girls tripping on my shirt by Yu Yokazono of Kika Style.

Baby Faline. Her cherry tattoo is so awesome. And her wavy hair is so fantastic.

My girls together with Mai of Just Another Typical Night in Tokyo

This is an epic shot.

Like what Paula Abdul said, we gotta dance like there’s no tomorrow.

It was my first time to attend a Tokyo Dandy event and I must say that it was a total epic night. It was also my first time to go out with my girl friends and I am glad that we really enjoyed the night. Africa was smoking hot with all the music, drinks and eccentric fashionistas. Truly amazing!

Congratulations to the powerful duo of Tokyo Dandy, Joe and Dan. More power to you guys! Hail to the prime gods of Japan fashion blogging!!!



Gervin (Jenne Chrisville) x Mai (Just Another Typical Night in Tokyo)

Last June 16, I was so delighted and honored to finally meet one of Japan’s top bloggers, Mai Ann Nguyen, during the Tokyo Dandy 3rd Anniversary Event in Club Africa in Daikanyama.

Mai started blogging at the same time with Tokyo Dandy. Focusing more to the very energetic and lively nightlife of Japan’s capital, her blog site entitled Just Another Typical Night in Tokyo features the best parties and events in the metropolis. Also aware of Tokyo’s overflowing hunger for fashion, she also injects the coolest fashion happenings in the city from time to time.

This is me and Mai through my primitive camera.

Mai and her very cute MCM bag.

Jenne Chrisville x Just Another Typical Night in Tokyo in the lens of the latter.

Me and my girls Ena, Niki and Tina also got a small moment in the spotlight in Mai-chan’s blog.

After some time of tweeting each other, I have finally met Mai in person. She is a totally sweet and fun lady. Her very tall and handsome husband, Ryota, was also friendly and kind enough to take our pictures together. I really wanna thank the both of them for being such nice people with beautiful souls. I am really looking forward to more partying with Mai and to attend Trip’s Angels line up of events. I bet it’s gonna be one hell of

For inquiries, visit Trip’s Angels Facebook page HERE. Please do LIKE their page to be updated with their projects.

And don’t forget to visit Mai’s Just Another Typical Night in Tokyo HERE.