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Sneaker Soul Mate

I knew that this new Jeremy Scott x Adidas FW 2012 sneakers and I are soul mates from the first time I laid my eyes on him. The killer combination of animal prints and colors make this beautiful chaotic loudness that is totally me in all aspects. My antagonist best friend (who is against everything I like from fashion to men) told me that there’s nothing beautiful about these sneakers but being the nice friend that I am, I just considered the fact that she doesn’t have a single idea about Jeremy Scott’s design aesthetics. LOL! And mind you! It’s so affordable and reasonably priced which makes me drool even more.

I know it has to come to my life but the question is WHEN.


PS: Photo by hyperbeast.com

Bag Addict Turned Shoe Addict

I used to call myself a bag addict but lately, I’m turning into a shoe addict. In just two weeks, I already have 3 new pairs of shoes. Last weekend, I bought two sneakers from Converse because the last time I checked my shoe rack, I didn’t find a decent pair of casual shoes. The golden glittery ones that I had was “stolen” away by my father when I visited Manila for Christmas last year. That’s what you get when you have a rock star for a father. Well, here’s a picture of my acquisitions before paying them on the counter. I still don’t have their photos taken yet but one is a basic white pair and the other is ankle-length with colorful hibiscus prints which I think is so perfect. For now, let this be a teaser for you, guys. I myself can’t also wait to wear them


Then, last Friday, a package from my Teatro Tomasino sister Roxy came which contain these beautiful Sergio Rossi’s. Who can resist such beautiful brown high cut leather babies? Thank you, kuya Roxy! Love you long time!!!


And I am still eyeing for these men’s sandals that I saw the same day I bought my new sneakers. They looked so cool and stylish plus the quality looks promising and the price is so affordable. I just can’t wait for payday so that I can go back to the shop and have those sandals in my arms….or feet since they are footwear.

If this is a disease, I think I don’t need mommy to call the doctor because I’m really liking the shoe love I’m feeling now. It feels good to take a second, third, fourth or even fifth look to a shoe that I know will drop the jaws of people and make them say “They’re fabulous” once I put them on my feet.