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FURLA Presents Candy Cool Chapter 1: Tokyo (feat. Misha Janette)

Watch how Tokyo fashion editrix, stylist and blogger Misha Janette customized her iconic Furla Candy in this interesting video by David Bedoni. Also, hear Misha’s views about creativity, uniqueness and building your own story.

I am in love with the entirety of  this short film especially the cinematography. It captures the true mood of Tokyo- hustling and bustling while being pretty with its bright lights and bold colors. From the cherry blossom trees, the famous Shibuya skyline, Shinto shrines and temples, and Harajuku fashion, it also features the traditional and contemporary representations of Japan, a manifestation of balance between the old and new which is present in this mega global city. And the final product of Misha’s bag customization is just adorable and too cute to be true. The combination of grotesque kawaii nails, kimono materials and snacks accessories made Misha’s Candy bag into a one-of-a-kind iconic piece that is truly original and in harmony with her style. Her bag actually is a representation of Tokyo itself- a creative piece made from the mergence of totally different origins.

“Do not settle for the stories that have come before you. Create your own story.”





I only wear wigs whenever there is a costume party or whenever I feel goofy. I never take them seriously. But my Tokyo girl Misha of Tokyo Fashion Diaries is taking them to a higher level with her new line of luxury accessory wigs Plumb (the first ever in the world). Don’t expect any of those boring plain-looking hairs that you usually see everywhere. This unique brand offers styled wigs which are based on runway looks and hairstyle trends featured on magazines. It’s the perfect accessory for people who want to experiment with their looks but are afraid to gamble on their personal style. They are heat resistant and can be plied with hair irons so it means that you can still put your personal touch on them whenever you want. The scalp caps are natural-looking and are also made from adjustable breathable nets. The best part is that each design is made in a limited number of pieces which means that you’ll hardly find another person with the same wig anywhere.

No one understands Japanese fashion more than Misha. She proved this when she chose Tokyo to be the birthplace of Plumb. People know no boundaries and push the limits when it comes to dressing up here thus, making it the perfect place for an accessory wig brand that is trendy but is very respectful to the individuality of its customer. Notice the Tokyo inspiration in her campaigns. The bravery, edginess and fun of the city are all present!

Click for more photos.

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Le Baron Tokyo x Moet Rose: Join For A Night Of Pink Champagne Bubbles and Love Party

Last March 2, I went to Le Baron Tokyo in Aoyama for the Join For A Night Of Pink Champagne Bubbles And Love party which was sponsored by Moet Chandon and Le Baron (of course!!!). It was a night of art, music and fashion combined in one event. There was a live painting show which was lead by Aya Takano (member of the Kaikai Kiki art company lead by world renowned superflat artist Takashi Murakami), a live performance from the all-girls band group Mushroom Hotel (キノコホテル) and amazing DJs spinning namely Tokyo Dandy, Misha Janette, XUXU and others.

I had a great time busting on the dance floor especially when Tokyo Dandy started their spin set. All sorts of pop music from Japanese, Korean and international industry but what made me really dance was when they played Kylie Minogue’s 80’s hit “I Should Be So Lucky”. Hahaha!!! I was waiting for XUXU and Misha’s turn on the DJ booth but I had plans the next day, thus, I had to leave the party a little too early.

The Faces Of The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo SS 2012

If there is something that I love about the recently concluded Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo, it’s the fact that I met a lot of people, old and new. It’s fun to bump into common faces who I usually see in events and parties in Tokyo and it’s equally fun to meet people for the first time and learn from them big time. Of course, it gets better when you meet for the first time people who have been inspiring and giving you more drive to continue what you love doing. Here are some of the many people I saw and met during Tokyo Fashion Week.

Susanna “Susie” Lau of Style Bubble. I am so amazed with her humility and sweet personality. I will never forget the time when she came to me and personally thanked me for the “sweet” post I wrote about our first meeting. Since then, I just didn’t admire her for what she has achieved through blogging but also her attitude to those people who are more little than her. Thank you, Susie! The fact that you remember my name is already a big joy to my heart. You can call this fan girling but I am such a melodramatic amateur fan blogger who looks up to you aside from your colleagues. More power to Style Bubble!

This is a picture of Susie together with David and Danny Roberts of Igor and Andre, a blog which is well-known for its sketches and drawing videos. I’ve been seeing so much of the Roberts since day 4 of the MBFT but it was only in the last day that I got the courage to approach them when I saw them waiting at their seats before the Phenomenon show.

Vogue Brasil’s international correspondent Evan Czar, Tokyo Fashion Diaries’ Misha Janette, Japanese celebrities Verbal and Debbie Fujin after the jump. Go click!

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Shoes of Prey x Fashion Leaders Launch Party

Last July 17th 2011 Saturday, I went to the Shoes of Prey x Fashion Leaders Launch Party at Le Baron de Paris in Aoyama. It’s a celebration of beautiful shoes in collaboration with the most famous personalities in the Japanese fashion scene.

Mai-chan spinning!

Trip hitting on some old school music. Loved it!!!!!

My friend, Tina, who went with me to Le Baron.

Me with Misha Jannette who is one of the shoe designers for the collaboration.

This is the pair of shoes that Misha designed for Shoes of Prey.

And my most favorite DJ at the moment, Yasumasa Yonehara aka DJ Yone.

You, guys, can know about the Shoes of Prey x Fashion Leaders Collaboration HERE.

Fun fun fun party!!!!

“A girl’s just as hot as the shoes she choose.” – Fashion by Lady Gaga

Young Lovers’ Dress to Kill @ Le Baron de Paris Tokyo

Last June 18, I went to Le Baron de Paris in Aoyama to attend the Young Lovers’ Dress to Kill event.

It was my first time in Le Baron and it was almost ruined by the bouncers but thank goodness to the good music and all the wine, I was able to pull through the night. The whole place was a blast with all the fashionably eccentric people and the thumping of the speakers with music. Also, the club was covered with foils and beautiful decorations from the genius Noritaka Tatehana, one of Lady Gaga’s famous shoe makers.

I actually went to Le Baron alone but I was happy and surprised when I bumped into some friends and familiar faces.

Here’s Dan of Tokyo Dandy. I was so happy when I approached him (or he approached me, can’t really recall now) with all this overwhelming warmth. I was glad that he still recalls me though we only met for the first time during their 3rd anniversary party in Africa.

Gervin x Dan

 The adorable and ever gorgeous, Misha Janette. She never fails to paint the town with so much sunshine with her very friendly smile and her avant garde fashion.

 The handsome Joe of Tokyo Dandy. Gosh!!! He’s sooooo hot!!!

Joe x Misha

The very lovable Mai-chan!

 My FAB friends Brad and Kike of FAB Academy Tokyo. I was surprised when they showed up in the middle of the dance floor, wearing their S&M outfits.

Kissy kissy Kike and me.

Me, Mel and Kike! These guys are crazy. I love them big time.

Mel being f*cking craaaaay craaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

Oooohhhh!!! Adam. I’m so glad I met him. He’s such a nice guy aside from being a good dancer. He killed the dance floor when he suddenly appeared from nowhere and started dancing the night away like a god. I super love this guy!!!!

My friend, Chen, at the right. She’s the right girl to be with when you want to partaaaaaaaay!!!

I ended up all drunk and I didn’t know how I got myself home after the night. But I can definitely recall how wonder the Young Lover’s Party was together with their tin foil wrapped party from Noritaka Tatehana. You know it’s a good party when you smelled like cigarettes and have a spill of wine all over your favorite dress…and you don’t regret it.

Misha Janette Wears Kika Style

My friend, Sayoko of Kika Style, shared these pictures of the beautiful Misha Janette, wearing her funky accessories.

Misha with the human skull Mickey Mouse pin and some of  other skull rings. I am actually buying the necklace version of this of the Micky Mouse skull.

Misha with a hat made by Filipino milliner, Mich Dulce.

You gotta adore a woman who’s love for avant garde fashion is beyond the limits of outer space.


Meeting Misha Jannette For The First Time

For the first time ever, I met one of Japan’s most celebrated fashion editor and stylist, Misha Jannette in the Nozomi Ishiguro AW 2011 Collection Haute Couture Show. Misha graduated from the famous Bunka Fashion College and writes for Japan Times, CNNgo, VOGUE Girl, Numero TOKYO, RACKED and TRANOI Magazine, both in Japanese and English. She also runs her own site, TokyoFashionDiaries.com.

I didn’t have a single idea that she was in the show until she posted a backstage pic in Twitter. I panicked so much because I wanted to meet her badly and fortunately, she was kind enough to let me take her picture. I remember myself trembling in her presence as I was introducing myself to her and handing her my calling card. You gotta love this woman for her fierceness. Only a few people with huge guts can pull off a polychromatic dress, ethnic designed leggings,  green heels, and a solid streak of blonde highlights. She was really warm to me when I approached and talked to her, telling me that I was really lucky as a beginner for runway shows because the Nozomi Ishiguro AW 2011 show was a good collection.

I wanted my picture taken with her but I was already too shy to ask. I guess I have to wait again for that chance and when that time comes, I’m sure I won’t let it pass. I guess I have to work on my self esteem more. LOL!