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Moral Lesson: Always Check Your Post Box

After the GVGV show, I felt really sad not because my fashion week was officially over but because I wouldn’t be able to attend this season’s finale show which was Phenomenon and Facetasm. I really felt down because I wanted to see it so bad, knowing that they are two of the most anticipated brands for the past 3 seasons. Being the masochist that I was, I even passed by Tokyo Midtown’s Hall A to check out who was attending it and even bumped into several familiar faces. As everyone went in to the venue, I made my way to the station with a very long face.

Then, when I arrived home, this was what I found lying on the table.


I just felt like crying when I saw the invitations from Facetasm and Phenomenon. All I thought was they would never send me an invite because usually the brands and PR houses would send them a week before the shows. Fashion week had already started and I hadn’t received anything from them. It was only Friday night when I found out about this when my mom told me she took them out from the mailbox. Probably, they came within the week when I was all busy and wasn’t expecting for more invitations to come anymore (that’s why I didn’t bother looking at the mailbox). Lesson: always check your post box. You’ll never know when the biggest surprise of your life will come.

Sad! Really sad. Well there’s always next season.

G.V.G.V. Autumn-Winter 2012 Collection

It’s all about being glamorously chic in G.V.G.V.’s AW 2012 collection which was my last stop for this season’s Tokyo Fashion Week. The show took place in a very industrial place called Tokyo Tower Parking Center which was bombarded with glitters on the runway while 90’s rock band Suede filled the air. With that being said, GVGV’s current collection seemed to like a mash up of recent trends- masculine-feminine looks, sparkles and glitters, medieval baroque accents, pajama looks. Eclectic as it maybe, GVGV has certainly didn’t forget to insert their signature modern classic chic take with pleated clothes, peplum dresses and pencil skirts which have feminine tailored silhouettes.

Here are some of the photos I took during the show. I’m sorry if they don’t really give justice to the clothes because it was a little difficult for me to take pictures that I had to stand up from my seat.

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Shiroma Autumn-Winter 2012 Collection

Shiroma’s Progressive collection for autumn winter 2012 has featured edgy feminine looks with a touch of androgyny on them. The flowy movements of the clothes were very womanly while the choice of dark colors (black, gray), drapes, over-sized pieces make it gender-bending. A lot of pieces were made from common winter materials in the collection (leather, knits etc.) but Shiho Shiroma paired them with skirts and dresses which are made from very light and thin materials underneath. I guess what she’s trying to say is theres nothing wrong with being sexy during the cold season, as long as you have yourself some nice warm outer layer.

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