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Matohu AW 2014

Everyone was busy doing their own businesses- either chatting with their seat mates or checking on their phones whether for text messages or their social medias- when the lights fade out for a few seconds. Then it fade in again but this time, in a slower pace. One light bulb after another. Machine-made smoke float into the air, making swirly shapes that became more apparent when the light hit them. Suddenly, a gasp of air blew from where the lights were hanging out, which I believe was also made by technology. It blew the smoke down to the runway and the rest of lights were turned on, signaling every guest in the venue that the models were about to come out and strut. As the dramatic lighting and the haunting but relaxing music joined together, I felt like the hall jumped two seasons ahead of the outside world and went straight to autumn.

A night before the Matohu show, I opened my invitation and read their English press release while I was sipping my hot German apple and berry tea. “Fukiyose”- an event that describes the gathering of different things to form something in a natural pace. Designers Hiroyuki and Makiko specifically mentioned examples like the fallen leaves of autumn, Japanese sweets which were put together in a beautiful packaging, the cluster of people in Tokyo station to go back to their hometowns for New Year, an old kimono recycled to become a mattress cover etc. From the very words “gather”, “together” and “autumn leaves”, I was already having ideas of what to expect in the show. Somehow I didn’t disappoint myself.

Matohu’s pursuit to combine traditional Japanese techniques with modernity was delivered perfectly in their autumn fall 2014 collection which also includes their signature layered styling and flowing but clean lines. The color palette ranges from bright and warm colors of autumn like red, tangerine, yellow to darker shades of gray, violet and black that symbolizes the coldness of winter. Color gradation is a key element in the collection as well as the use of different garments with different textures in one piece. Shapes of autumn leaves were prominent in most pieces, either digitally printed or embroidered while discreet geometrical patterns were also visible to flatter some of the inner layers as well the outers. One of Matohu’s strength is their outer wear and they showed it once again in this collection through their straight coats that showed flowing movements that made the coats more beautiful. A collection that was truly inspired by a natural phenomenon that creates a thing of beauty that doesn’t scream attention but equally stunning.

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Matohu x Coshell 2

I know I’m gonna be all busy in the following weeks because I’m moving to my new apartment and that means, I’m not sure when I can have an internet connection to update my blog. So before that happens, I wanna share to you my experience on the latest fashion event I went to which was the presentation of the collaboration of Japanese designer brand Matohu and traditional Japanese art maker Coshell 2.

Matohu, being loyal to its DNA of using traditional Japanese styles and techniques decided to team up with the Iwate-based art brand for a collection of bags and accessories. Most of the bags are made of hariko paper which are usually used for traditional masks and dolls and were shaped in different animals specifically a bird, a cat and a rabbit. Because of their sizes and shapes, the bags seem to look heavy but I was so surprised they were as light as a feather when I tried carrying them. They are also stronger because of the extra coatings Coshell did for them. There were also these trendy bag-on-bags in different designs (doctor bag, military bag, crocodile skin bag and a basket) and these cute sukashi (Japanese hollow block) pouch bags which are also made out of hariko papier maches. The Matohu x Coshell 2 collection is available until February 2nd in their Omotesando flagship store (click HERE for shop access) so if you’re in Tokyo, better get these cute bags and accessories NOW!!!!

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Matohu Spring Summer 2014

Matohu prides itself for having a true Japanese fashion DNA, always finding inspiration in traditional philosophies and techniques when making garments. This season isn’t an exception when they presented their spring summer 2014 collection entitled “tsukushi” (a gathering and presentation objects in accordance to an idea or theme). Having the traditional Japanese kimono as their base, designers Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchi are masters of layering themselves. The collection boasted a number of light coats and jackets with conservative dresses, interesting tops and skinny pants underneath them that when put up together, makes a contemporary take on the traditional Japanese silhouette. To add more to this modern take on the kimono, trendy prints like grids and stripes were added in their pieces and some fish prints. Color palette wise, the show started with monochromes and dark shades of blue then bursted into bright colors of pastels. These spiral head pieces were also attention-getters in the show that gave a playful touch to the collection.

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