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Health and Sports Day at Marunouchi

My girls and I had a stroll around the Marunouchi area last Sunday and decided to wear something sporty and athletic inspired since the next day was the Japan’s Health and Sports Day. Though its essence is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to everyone, all we ate and drank that day were not that healthy at all. Ria, Carey and Tina had humongous hamburgers and fries for lunch while I drank an oversized mug of beer which caught me off guarded. Then we had big cups of frapuccinos in the afternoon when we visited Ikspiari in Maihama which is next to Tokyo Disneyland. But I guess all the calories we took in were gone with all the strolling we had the whole day. We walked around the Marunouchi area, Hibiya Park and the Imperial Palace vicinity. There were also bronze statues of famous sports icons along the Babanuki Avenue including my golfer crush Ryo Ishikawa which we all harassed. I know this is the closest I can get to him so I might as well grab it and give him a kiss. LOL! We also had the chance to see the beautiful and newly-renovated Tokyo station. Architecturally speaking, though it was an amazing view, I think it’s quite odd that Japan’s capital train station doesn’t have any trace of Japanese at all. Well, the area itself doesn’t give any hint of culture except for the Imperial Palace. Most of the buildings there are modern while some look very European classic.

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Niki and Me, Vogue-ing

This is my friend, Nicola. I, together with her other close friends, call her Niki for short. She’s from bloody England, for goodness’ sake!!!!

She was a former super model/performer who used to travel all around the world for fashion shows and performances. She has been to Paris, Sydney, Seoul, New York and other cities and had performed for different internationally world-renowned companies. Now, she works as a part-time modeling teacher and events coordinator for John Robert Powers in Tokyo.

We worked together for two years and we’ve seen the ups and downs of each other, both in career and personal life. I must say that she is one of my best friends here in Japan. She is a woman of strength, character and talent. I strongly believe that she is my female version, only a few years more chronologically gifted than I am. We share the same passion for dancing, music, dancing and everything related to the performing arts. Before, she used to teach all of the classes that I currently have under my wings. She strongly believes in my talent as much as I believe in the strength of her character. I think we complement each other so much.

These are her shots courtesy of yours truly. These were taken in the Babasaki avenue in Marunouchi area after having a farewell lunch for our friend, Dharini who is scheduled to leave for Melbourne on the 9th of next month. She asked me to take some of her photos because she just got her haircut a day before that day. She wanted a new profile photo for her Facebook account.

Blurred edge.

Black and white effect. This is my favorite among the shots!

And as a way to return the favor, she also took shots of me.

I love these flowers! They remind me of Takahashi Murakami.

When Niki saw this Emporio Armani ad, she immediately asked me to do the same pose. It was hilarious!

And a shot taken underground.

Shirt by H&M, inner jacket by Kids of Bayo, jacket by Zero Sail, sunglasses by Marc Jacobs, slim pants by Uniqlo, boots by Iida shoes, vintage fedora hat, accessories by from Ario Department Store, bag by John Galliano

It’s so easy to be vain specially when you have friends who are fine with it.

That’s all.

Not Feeling Christmasy At All

I was walking around the Marunouchi area when I saw this beautiful Christmas tree.

In a matter of days, the whole world shall be celebrating the holy day of Christmas. While the whole world prepares itself to commemorate a very special occasion, I am here in Tokyo, having no plans of celebrating the season or anything.

I am a Christian and I fully understand the reason why we all celebrate Christmas. It’s the time of the year when we all gather with the people we love and memorialize the day of the birth of the Messiah who saved mankind from all its sins. I am aware of this fact but then, it seems like my heart isn’t in the mood for some jubilation.

Maybe because of the fact that I’m not celebrating it with people who I used to spend it with. For the past two years, I’ve spent Christmas and New Year back in Manila. I would spend Christmas with my grandmother and aunts and the New Year, in my dad’s place in Tondo, the ghetto district of Manila. As I was growing up, I used to eat Christmas dinner with my grandma and my aunt, Jinky, while talking about anything. During the New Year, I would be partying with my relatives in my dad’s family and also our crazy neighborhood there.

But this year, since I won’t be going home for the holidays, I don’t feel Christmasy at all. I feel like everyone is celebrating and I would just be in front of my computer again, like any other ordinary day.

I know the Philippines is a very poor country and we usually didn’t have enough money to survive a day or two. But when it comes to the holidays, we would always find a way to feed our family’s mouths with good food. We would always find means to celebrate this divine occasion not only for ourselves but for our family. We, Filipinos, do really know what Christmas is all about. It’s commemorating the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ. It’s celebrating it with the people who we really love. It’s the season of sharing, forgiveness, hope, and love. We, Filipinos, know why we celebrate Christmas and we celebrate it with our hearts.

But I’m here in Tokyo, a place who only celebrates Christmas as a global bandwagon. I am surrounded by people who don’t really realize how important this occasion is. I am in a place where the essence of Christmas is symbolized by the glittering lights and the overly beautiful decorations but not celebrating it with sharing, forgiveness, hope and love. It’s a place where Christmas is remembered as a winter wonderland occasion, a good reason to commercialize and to have a date- reasons which are all superficial and worldly.

I wish I can be back home, to the arms of the people I truly love. I wish to be with people who I used to eat Christmas dinner with. I wish that I could light firecrackers on the ground with the lunatics of our crazy neighborhood.

I wish I can go home. But I just can’t.

Look at that Line of Cool Cars (A Walk in Marunouchi)

The Marunouchi area is located in the heart of the metropolis of Tokyo. Serving as Tokyo’s central business district, it is the home of the biggest banks in Japan (Mizuho Financial, Mitsubishi UFJ and the UFJ Holdings). Also, a lot of different sky scraping buildings that houses different businesses and offices are located.

I love this place during winter. Those bright lights give this feeling of relaxation in the mind.

Pardon me for the poor pictures! I tried so hard to make them prettier by editing but it didn’t do any good. My digicam is soooooo 2008 and my hands are really shaky so what would anyone expect?

Moving back to Marunouchi, it also houses a lot of famous and progressing fashion brands. Here are my two best shots.

And that night I took a walk here in the Babasaki Avenue, I saw this line of very cool cars- cool and expensive cars! I’ve never experienced something like that in my whole humble life. After seeing all of these wheels, I felt so intimidated with the place.

I think I would take another walk again in this place to take better pictures. I am not so satisfied with what I got this Saturday.