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Le Baron Tokyo x Moet Rose: Join For A Night Of Pink Champagne Bubbles and Love Party

Last March 2, I went to Le Baron Tokyo in Aoyama for the Join For A Night Of Pink Champagne Bubbles And Love party which was sponsored by Moet Chandon and Le Baron (of course!!!). It was a night of art, music and fashion combined in one event. There was a live painting show which was lead by Aya Takano (member of the Kaikai Kiki art company lead by world renowned superflat artist Takashi Murakami), a live performance from the all-girls band group Mushroom Hotel (キノコホテル) and amazing DJs spinning namely Tokyo Dandy, Misha Janette, XUXU and others.

I had a great time busting on the dance floor especially when Tokyo Dandy started their spin set. All sorts of pop music from Japanese, Korean and international industry but what made me really dance was when they played Kylie Minogue’s 80’s hit “I Should Be So Lucky”. Hahaha!!! I was waiting for XUXU and Misha’s turn on the DJ booth but I had plans the next day, thus, I had to leave the party a little too early.