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And My Hair Is Burned Off!!!

And the most entertaining and most hilar tutorial video of the century goes to Tori Locklear!!!!

Tori honey, I admire your guts to upload this just to get the attention of five young British lads. Turned out you got six million more. Congrats and thank you for making my day!



Likely 2 weeks ago, I noticed that my most active time in Twitter is every morning whenever I’m on my way to work. You can say that I have Twitter for breakfast everyday but what’s a talkative person gotta do if there’s no one to talk to? Where does he turn to? To Twitter of course!

Because of this, I decided to hash tag my morning tweets as #JCMornings. Basically, #JCMornings is just a spontaneous flow of words that I type and share to the Twitter-verse which intends to satisfy my need to talk with someone every time (yes! I’m a big attention whore). It talks about anything that inspires me to write a thought in 140 characters (including the hash tag)- observations during my train ride, world current affairs, fashion, lifestyle, celebrity gossips, humor, inspiring words, romantic quotes, crazy ideas and many more. Here are some samples of my #JCMornings tweets.

As I said, the #JCMornings tweets are spontaneous which means there is no pattern in the topics but definitely, I would always talk about my observations along the way to work. I don’t promise photos especially of people because there’s a strict policy about privacy here in Japan. So as much as I want to share real time images (like hot men on the train or drunkards sleeping with their mouths are open and vomit all over) , I just can’t or else, I might end up behind bars or worse, getting kicked out of this country. But today, I decided to show off my hidden “psychic” talents and give everyone a piece of my horosope for each astrological sign. I’m planning to do this often because it’s really fun so take a look of your sign’s daily horoscope below!

So if you enjoyed these sample tweets of my #JCMornings twitter talk show, come on and follow me now at Twitter (@gervinmacey) and join the fun by putting the hash tag #JCMornings. Let’s enjoy having tweets as breakfast and start the day right with a smile or even a million laughs.