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My Once Sporty Life

During the past few weeks, I noticed that my looks are getting to the health goth, monochromatic sporty side. I think it’s the Alexander Wang x H&M effect and the bug is still in my subconscious, affecting my choices in clothes.

Since we’re talking about sporty fashion here, I decided to share to you the sporty side of my life. Yes, guys! Even if I look like a twinky who doesn’t even know the word gym exist, there’s a part of my youth that I dedicated to sports. There was also a part of my childhood that I was so active I wanted to try everything that’s gonna make my body fit.


Marc by Marc Jacobs oversized zip up hoodie, Opening Ceremony Japan exclusive sweater, Anti Depressant shorts, Alexander Wang x H&M beanie and Sam Edelman sandals

* When I was 10, I started playing volleyball. I don’t know how I got into the game for some reason. Maybe because I went to an exclusive boys’ school and one way that the straights and the gays separated then was through the sports they play. It’s basketball for the heteros and volleyball for the gays which is also the case in the Philippines per se. I believe I was good then but I wasn’t trained professionally so I think I didn’t really reached my full potential of my volleyball skills. But those were fun days though.

* I was the captain ball of the men’s volleyball team when I was in high school but I didn’t take it too seriously so our team didn’t really take off distances. Haha!

IMGP0134 IMGP0143

* When I left high school for university, my active lifestyle time was totally diverted to my love for theater and the performing arts. I spent 4 years of my life in university and the only time I played sports, specifically volleyball, then was my sophomore year. Other than that, I was too busy directing plays, doing stage management and all those production stuff so I didn’t have the time to insert a little volleyball in my life.

* I moved to Japan and years after my last game, I finally had the chance to play volleyball again. It felt really good to do something that I really loved doing since I was a child. It was so nostalgic and unreal. Then I snapped back to reality when my body got totally sore for 4 days. Hey don’t tell me I’m getting older. That was like more than 10 years of not doing any sports.

IMGP0150 IMGP0142

* In this modern times, going to the beach can make you really feel bad about yourself especially if your body isn’t as good as the other bodies you see in the beach. I feel really insecure (and lusting) towards these hot guys in the beach. There are times when I’m tempted to hit the gym and make my muscles look like guns. But then, whenever I look at my clothes, I don’t wanna abandon them once my body gets bigger with all the workout I’ll be doing. So I choose my clothes over my body building. I know it’s crazy but please don’t judge me. I just want to maintain my body now. Not too big, small framed and avoiding my belly to be a freak show.


I still am not the sportiest person in the world and people have always complained how I’m too skinny, which I don’t buy. I think my body’s just right and I’m really fine with it, unless I don’t go to the gym, the beach or anywhere hot guys with smoking bodies lurk. So for now, being sporty fashionable will do the work for me. Hahaha!!!

But as much as possible, I try to do something physical once in a while like a hiking, biking or some sort. I’m thinking of putting exercise and a more active lifestyle in my goal list for next year. In addition to that, a more beautiful abs is also in the list so you guys watch out!!! HA!!! I’m gonna have a hotter body next summer. That is if I don’t get lazy to exercise and tempted to buy a pack of Snickers and Kitkats in the grocery store across to my apartment.


photos by Carey Watanabe

Alexander Wang x H&M

Since I converted my heart to the darker side of style, Alexander Wang has been one of my inspirations when it comes to dressing up. I fell in love with Wang’s DNA of sporty elements to make a high fashion street look with a big consideration to the word comfort. Not to mention that most of his collections are monochromatic which makes it easier to love. So just imagine how gleeful I was when Alexander Wang and H&M announced their collaboration in Coachella this year. The glee was changed into wonderment why would Wang do such a collaboration when in fact, his eponymous brand is only 10 years old. Most of H&M’s former collaborations were with these fashion houses with deep rich heritages that go way back many years ago. With a very deep thought, why should Wang not do it? In the course of a decade, he has proven his strong presence in the fashion industry by creating his label that took the world by storm and has been almost synonymous to the sporty fashion trend. He has also added creative director of the prestigious house of Balenciaga in November of 2012 in replacement to Nicolas Ghesquire.. And now he’s the first American designer to collaborate with the Swedish fashion pride H&M for their 10 year anniversary of designer collaborations. What’s different about this one from other H&M collaborations is Alexander Wang didn’t dig in his archives to revive his iconic pieces for them but instead, he designed a new collection for this special occasion.

Last October 30, I was invited by H&M to a special shopping party of the Alexander Wang collection, a week before it becomes available in selected H&M stores world wide. I thought that a special shopping party will be tamer compared to the official release date in stores. But I was wrong.  Once I entered the very constructional space, it was already a bloodbath of consumers, trying to get hold of all their wanted items. Though I was on time, I wasn’t able to get everything that I wanted aside from the Wang bonnet and a breathable long sleeved shirt with a big monogram logo on the left sleeve which were enough to make me happy. Lesson learned!


Alexander Wang x H&M long sleeved tshirt, basketball jersey, bag and beanie, T by Alexander Wang shorts and Nike sneakers


The logo beanie which was my most wanted item from the collection. I was looking all over the place for the accessories and I found it in a suspended rack above the women’s section. Oh my God! I was so happy when I found it and was willing to be the only thing that I could by from the shopping party.


This was my swimming shorts of the summer which is the perfect bottom for my look.


This Wang backpack brought me all the 90’s childhood nostalgia in me. I remember when I was still an active member of the church. Most of the kids then had this kind of bags and it was so kind of H&M to make these freebies to all the customers who came to the shopping party. This is the perfect example of what Wang said in everything he does. He said before that he wants to make people remember something through his items.


This jersey that I’m wearing here is also one of the freebies given to all the shoppers of the party. Even if I wasn’t able to buy the logo sweater that I wanted, I didn’t go home empty handed with that bag and this jersey that says TEAM WANG in the front and TEAM H&M at the back. It’s actually reversible so you can use both sides.


I’m not Miss Sporty at all but I can look like one if you want me to. After all, Alexander Wang told himself that his target audience for this collection are those ones who want to look fashionably sporty even though they don’t go to the gym or play any sport. I’m definitely one of them. Well, I used to play volleyball when I was in high school and I still do it here in Tokyo whenever I have the opportunity to do so. So maybe I’m not. But definitely, I’m Team Wang and that’s all that matters.

Now let me show you guys some of the pics I caught with my iPhone during the shopping party. It happened in an industrial place called Temporary Contemporary in Tsukishima in Chuo ku.

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20 Facts About Me

So my Lookbook superstar of a friend, Kiko Cagayat, tagged me to do this 20-facts-about-me challenge on Instagram. I wanted to do it but I think making a proper blog post is much better. Moreover, it’s also right to do it now since it’s Kiko  who took these shots for this post. So here it goes!


H&M hat, glasses and ring, personalized Uniqlo UTMe t-shirt, GU Japan denim shirt, D&G skinny jeans, Prada brogue shoes, Dolce & Gabbana and Diesel bracelets

1. I’m a guy of many names. My name is Gervin. My family and relatives call me Gev. My closest friends call me Gerv and Gervs. A teacher who’s not with us now usually called me Paulo. My theater friends call me Macey which is a cuter version of my surname. My Japanese name is Jebin and among others.

2. I love dogs and cats but I’m more of a dog’s lover. I love bigger dogs than small cute dogs. I always enjoy dog photos and videos in social media.

3. I wanna travel the world but I also want to have nice clothes, bags and shoes. Both makes me poor. Doing it both will make me go hungry. Hahaha!

4. I have the same birthday as my dad and two of my workmates.

5. I never felt so lucky in some things. Then, I noticed that I had a birthmark on my butt cheeks. Having a birthmark in that area is sign of bad luck in Filipino superstition. True? I don’t know.

6. I’ve never been in a serious relationship ever. That’s one of the unlucky things about me, my love life.

7. I was bullied in grade school. My classmates teased me for having a long chin, which I don’t really buy until this very day. I remember them going on the whole day having a good laugh while ridiculing me and some of our poor classmates. Plus, there were a number of bullies who were telling me ugly things like I lacked love in my life and grew up miserably because of my family background. They also told me I had no class because I grew up in Tondo (a well known nasty and dangerous  area in Manila) and I didn’t have nice things with labels on them. I also remember my teacher telling me that being gay was a sin and I should stop being one and be a boy. All those painful memories got stuck in my mind and I promised myself that I will never get bullied like that ever again. I promised myself that I should always be strong and ready to protect myself.

8. This will sound very bad to other people especially to Filipinos but I consider myself more of a friend person than a family person. I find more in hanging out and helping my friends more than my own family. I technically grew up with my grandmom. My mom and dad broke up and mom decided to work here in Japan while my dad did his own thing. I felt I was alone even if I was living with my grand parents so I found solace and comfort in the presence of my friends. That’s why I love them so much and I get a funny feeling of betrayal whenever they decide to settle, get married and make their own families. I know that’s stupid but it’s just the way it is.

9. There is one great love in my life and he will always be that one. I don’t know where he is right now and I don’t know what he’s doing but I wish him well. I believe he’s one of the saboteurs in my head that makes me not able to let go of the past but I have accepted the fact that we wont be together. But he will always have a special place in me.

10. Though a son of an OFW, I wasn’t one of those children who were showered with lots of material things as I was growing up. My mom provided me the things I needed- food and education- but she didn’t spend anything for luxury. I wanted her to buy me a nice cellphone or a laptop but she would always tell me that I could buy things for myself if I finish my studies and fly to Japan. I think that explains why I spend a lot of money for myself. I felt I was “deprived”. That’s why I spoil myself in reasonable amounts. Ok, I spoil myself too much!!! LOL!!


11. I believe I have the gift of tongue. I can easily learn a language even by just immersing myself in the environment. I didn’t go to a Japanese school but I was able to speak “survival” Japanese after 3 months because I was only speaking in Japanese with my stepdad and my siblings.

12. I have this hipster kid inside of me. If something is trendy and everyone is doing it, chances are I’m gonna go against it.

13. I’m often misunderstood because I’m sharp tongued. I can be really tactless but for me it’s just honesty without an evil intention which is taken badly. I’m trying to be better now but I was way worse when I was younger.

14. I love RuPaul. She’s not just the most famous drag queen and the supermodel of the world. There’s more into him underneath the glamazon persona that she portrays on TV. He’s a wise soul and everything that I believe in life right now comes from his words. Try listening to his podcast with his bestie Michelle Visage. And you guys don’t correct my pronouns because drag queens don’t really care if you call them a he or a she…even it.

15. I’m not scared to die young. I would like to die young not only because I don’t wanna get old and I wanna die beautiful and fabulous. Some people will say that it’s such a pity when someone passes away young because he/she could have achieved more and more. However, I’m in a stage of my life right now where I feel like I’m totally okay and I don’t really mind if God suddenly decided to take it away from me. I think death can be a beautiful thing. It’s a start of a new life (if there really is) and it takes you away from the pain of what this world can bring. I’m just scared of how I will die.

16. I’m a very sensitive person. I get really sad with dramatic movies (even small dramatic scenes in comedy or action films) and heartbreaking music. When I was in high school I even get sad when friends don’t invite me to lunch with them even if it was a given that we eat lunch together everyday.

17. I had all the reasons to rebel when I was a child. I was bullied in grade school and by my relatives because of my sexual orientation, grew up in the most notorius area in Manila and was surrounded by bad influence. But I chose not to destroy my own life and took control of my destiny.

18. I didn’t really want to live in Japan. I’ve planned my life in Manila where I wanted to be a professor in my university. But then, everything changed with a sudden twist of fate. It was hard for me to adjust because things weren’t going the way I wanted them to be but then, living here opened new doors and opened my eyes to different things that I won’t be able to experience back in Manila. I somehow have regrets but I’ve decided to live in the present and make the most out of it.

19.  I’d rather work with people with THE attitude but is really good with what he does rather than with someone who’s nice and all but just adds up more workload because they can’t put all their shit together.

20. I believe that life shouldn’t be taken seriously because everything is nothing but a fleeting moment. Knowing that will make you teach a thing or two about humility and being strong when the walls start to break down.


photos by Kiko Cagayat