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Mistakes And Self Discovery

I’ve been longing to wear this amazing Christopher Nemeth suit for so long which my friend Sayoko asked me to shoot. This wonderful piece was what her son wore in his wedding and she wanted me to try it on for a show which I did last December. I love how deconstructed it is and yet, very classy with the silhouette and everything. I’m not into suits and I always long for comfort whenever I wear something so I just hope I gave it justice while strutting my stuff in beautiful Ginza.

IMGP6888 IMGP6890 IMGP6923 IMGP6932 IMGP6936 IMGP6950 IMGP6956 IMGP6887

Christopher Nemeth suit, Yohji Yamamoto shirt, H&M hat, Macabre Gadgets rings and Zara shoes

I wasn’t the person who has this very definite unique style. It took me a lot of time, money and fashion faux to realize what I really wanted when it comes to fashion. Then I realize that it’s like life. You experience a lot of things and make mistakes along the way. Consequentially, these experience and mistakes will be the ones which will help us to build our character and personality. We are in this long winding journey that will take us to different roads and places but it’s gonna be a journey towards self discovery and a whole lot more.


photos by Ashley Dy

Skinny Elephant

Last Friday was Friday the 13th and bad luck actually got the best of me for a week. It was so shitty I needed to see a friend to make me forget all the bizarre things going on. That’s why I called  my dearest Emika, my sister in matters of loving the color black, to have dinner with me in Shinjuku. I would always wear black whenever we see each other but this time, I broke the rules and wore gray instead. I remember her saying “You’re not my friend anymore” and I just laughed out loud. Well at least my sneakers and cap are black while I look like a skinny elephant.

IMGP7107 IMGP7101 IMGP7094 IMGP7105 IMGP7098 IMGP7092

H&M tee and skinny jeans, Nike shoes and OS Accessories cap

Let me share to you some of the things I’ve learned in the past few weeks.

* Good things take time.

* We can actually choose the things that can offend us.

* We’re all born naked and the rest is drag (by Rupaul Charles, the world’s most famous drag queen). We all have this persona that we show in different places and instances but when you take off all these masks, costumes and uniforms that define your character for that certain moment, that actual naked person is the true you and you shouldn’t forget that.

* Whatever you do, whether good or bad, people will say something ill about it. Unless they’re paying your bills, pay them b*tches no mind (Rupaul Charles again).


photos by Emika Sangu

Gonna Be A Good Summer

Heat and humidity are on the rise in Tokyo. Summer is on its way to burn this city down but before that, we all need to experience the wet rainy season. The constantly changing weather is so bad it got the best of me. I just got sick with a bad case of colds last week because of it plus the fact that I’ve been working too much with a lot of stress in my head. My body just couldn’t hold it anymore and it seemed like it just broke down. Good thing I’m all better now coz I can’t afford to be sick because of these commitments and work. I usually brushed it off when my friends say I’m a workaholic but this year, it looks like I really am.

That’s why I’m really rewarding myself this summer. Nope, it’s not something Wang. I wish it is but no. I’m rewarding myself with something better. I’m going to a Southeast Asian tour this August!!!! I’m so excited. One of my goals this year is to travel next to moving out to my new apartment. In my case, fashion and traveling can’t go together so I need to hold my self from buying anything even if they have the word SALE on them. Well I can but that would leave me with an empty stomach. Sigh! It sucks to be poor. But yeah, I’m gonna nourish my experience by traveling. I’m gonna go to Kuala Lumpur then hit the beach in Penang, will go straight to Singapore then Bangkok with my university theater club friends. That is the best part thing about this trip. I’m gonna go and see my friends again from the Philippines but this time, in another country. Old faces in new places!!! And I’m also eager to meet readers and other bloggers from the region so if you are from the region, please do hit me up. Go to my about ABOUT page and you can find my email, Twitter, Facebook and Instragram there. I hate summer but I guess this year’s gonna be awesome.


gifted t-shirt, Levis skinny denim jeans, New Balance sneakers and OS Accessories cap

 About the outfit, this is what I wore to Shinjuku with Carey one boring Sunday afternoon. We decided to see each other after she went to Church and after I finished my chores. I kinda regretted why I wore jeans in a very hot and humid afternoon so I asked her if we could just stay indoors with cool air conditioning. What was just a normal afternoon became an exciting one when we decided to do a project for autumn. I’m not yet allowed to spill the beans to avoid the jinx but I’m crossing my fingers on this one. If ever this materializes, it’s gonna be so goooooooooood!!!!!! I’m having a good 2014.


photos by Carey Kho Watanabe