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An all black outfit with subtle details which become striking when you take a closer look. I opted to have a basic silhouette underneath my favorite leather jacket of two years plus a killer ear piece which I got not so long ago last year for my birthday. This was what I wore two weeks ago when Camille and I went for a stroll in Harajuku and Omotesando for some shopping. I’ve met her for the first time last year at the same place and it’s amazing how we also bonded as new friends there. Thanks to our common friend Tricia who formally introduced us. She was also kind enough to take my photos that day so imagine how honored I was to have my photo taken by one of the Philippines’ top female fashion bloggers. Not everyone gets to experience that.

IMGP6064 IMGP6072 IMGP6076

Last weekend, I attended a friend’s send off party and in the middle of the conversations, all of started started to say their long term goals in life. Some wanted to be an entrepreneur, some wanted to move to this dream company blah blah blah. Suddenly, a hard rock hit my head and I was like “WHAT DO I REALLY WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE???” Am I the only person who’s not thinking about the future?? I felt so weird that while everyone’s so directional, I’m here, letting the wind of life take my sail to wherever it wants. Honestly, I’m so contented with my life right now. I’m enjoying my teaching job (but would love to work somewhere else to gain new experience in a new place). I’m happy with my new found independence when I moved out two months ago. I can buy whatever I want that makes me happy and have a company of really good friends. I’m in a state of contentment. I can actually die right now as I’m typing this. The only thing that scares me is how I’m gonna die coz I don’t wanna have a painful death. Well, no one wants that. But yes, while everyone’s busy planning their lives ten to twenty years from now, I’m here enjoying whatever I’m experiencing at the moment. I’ve learned that the future is uncertain and we don’t really know what will happen. So might as well, carpe diem! In the middle of self pitying in a jokingly manner, my friends told me that it’s ok whatever I’m feeling right now. They even told me that it’s a good thing that I’m feeling contented with my life and maybe, I still need enough time to find my way. Oh well!

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thrifted leather jacket and bracelets, H&M shirt, GU Japan pants, Zara shoes, Ryan Storer ear cuff from KikaStyle and Prada bag

Here’s a toast to everyone who’s happy with their lives right now! To those people who live by chasing their dreams and who live every day as if it’s their last. Cheers to life and to us who are in a journey to find ourselves towards self actualization. CHEEEEEEEERS!!!!!!


photos by Camille Co

Comfort Dressing

For sure, you know those mornings when you feel like “I wanna dress up but I’m too lazy” or “I wanna dress up but I wanna breathe and be comfortable.” This is what I wore in this day, sunny-but-too-lazy-to-get-up kind of day after I slept over at my friend Rexcy’s house. When I was younger, comfort would always be my priority when it comes to dressing up because I was such a busy student. I didn’t care what I wore as long as I could move freely and felt cool (you know how hot it is in the Philippines). When I came to Japan, I was exposed to people who were willing to play the role of fashion victims. Think of wearing good-looking expensive but light t-shirts underneath a handsome but very thin jacket in the middle of single digit temperatures or wearing a cool jacket on a scorching hot day. Honestly, I became one of them for a short time until sporty fashion became a trend.  How wonderful it is to feel so comfortable while still looking good!

This is an ensemble of all things that I’ve wanted for so long and waited for a long suffering time till I decided to finally buy them. This oversized cardigan is from Funktique, one of my favorite shops in Harajuku. It was love at first sight when I saw it for the first time in their Instagram account and fell even harder when I saw it in person. I waited for a month before I gave in to my wanting and bought it. I also waited for the SALE season until I purchased this Christian Dada tee which made me gag for so long. This sneakers made my heart leaped when I saw them in Shibuya but stopped myself from purchasing because I felt like I didn’t deserve to buy anything fashion since I just moved in to my new apartment. Clearly, most things happen sweeter when you wait for the right timing to make them happen. Waiting isn’t the most exciting task to do but doing so, plus hard work, makes an achievement more gratifying.

IMGP5752 IMGP5763 IMGP5755 IMGP5747 IMGP5744 IMGP5741

Marc by Marc Jacobs oversized cardigan hoodie, Christian Dada studded t-shirt, H&M sweatpants, Nike shoes, Diesel bracelet and OS Accessories Neptune Cap


photos by Carey Watanabe Kho

Matohu AW 2014

Everyone was busy doing their own businesses- either chatting with their seat mates or checking on their phones whether for text messages or their social medias- when the lights fade out for a few seconds. Then it fade in again but this time, in a slower pace. One light bulb after another. Machine-made smoke float into the air, making swirly shapes that became more apparent when the light hit them. Suddenly, a gasp of air blew from where the lights were hanging out, which I believe was also made by technology. It blew the smoke down to the runway and the rest of lights were turned on, signaling every guest in the venue that the models were about to come out and strut. As the dramatic lighting and the haunting but relaxing music joined together, I felt like the hall jumped two seasons ahead of the outside world and went straight to autumn.

A night before the Matohu show, I opened my invitation and read their English press release while I was sipping my hot German apple and berry tea. “Fukiyose”- an event that describes the gathering of different things to form something in a natural pace. Designers Hiroyuki and Makiko specifically mentioned examples like the fallen leaves of autumn, Japanese sweets which were put together in a beautiful packaging, the cluster of people in Tokyo station to go back to their hometowns for New Year, an old kimono recycled to become a mattress cover etc. From the very words “gather”, “together” and “autumn leaves”, I was already having ideas of what to expect in the show. Somehow I didn’t disappoint myself.

Matohu’s pursuit to combine traditional Japanese techniques with modernity was delivered perfectly in their autumn fall 2014 collection which also includes their signature layered styling and flowing but clean lines. The color palette ranges from bright and warm colors of autumn like red, tangerine, yellow to darker shades of gray, violet and black that symbolizes the coldness of winter. Color gradation is a key element in the collection as well as the use of different garments with different textures in one piece. Shapes of autumn leaves were prominent in most pieces, either digitally printed or embroidered while discreet geometrical patterns were also visible to flatter some of the inner layers as well the outers. One of Matohu’s strength is their outer wear and they showed it once again in this collection through their straight coats that showed flowing movements that made the coats more beautiful. A collection that was truly inspired by a natural phenomenon that creates a thing of beauty that doesn’t scream attention but equally stunning.

IMGP5943 IMGP5912 IMGP5914 IMGP5935 IMGP5919

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