What Do You Think?

Hello, hello, hellllllooooooo!!!! I apologize for the long hiatus in the blog but recently, life’s been busy but surprisingly more fun than ever. Work is a given stressful thing that’s why it makes me look forward for my summer vacation trip to Southeast Asia (which I already talked about here before). More about balancing work and leisure, I recently went to Kozushima, one of the seven islands of Tokyo’s Izu group of islands for a weekend. I had so much fun with old and new friends and experienced a lot of new things. Stay tuned for my post about my island experience.

These photos are taken by my lovely Ashley (who was chosen to be the ambassadress of kawaii culture by Kawaii Philippines) when we visited the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka which I will blog about later. Visiting that magical place is one of the best experience I have in Japan and I would like to go there again. You’ll soon find out after posting the entry. Yup, a lot of backlogs! Good gods of blogging, help me!

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Jenne Chrisville’s personalized t-shirt from UTme, black pants from GU Japan, watch from Michael Kors, bracelet from Diesel, belt from D&G, overbite cap from OS Accessories, and black sneakers from New Balance 

A friend told me about this very cool smart phone application called UTme by Uniqlo which enables customers to design their own personalized shirts and buy them in a very affordable price. I immediately downloaded it and spent hours to come up with this design. I tried to make a sketch of myself with my overused OS overbite cap which I believe already became a part of my identity as a blogger. As much as I wanted to draw my face, I had to give up with the idea due to my lack of drawing skills and decided to stick to a girl with cat’s eye make up and powerful red lips to represent my female side. It didn’t turned bad at all, at least in my point of view. Now I’m thinking of producing more of this shirt as a merchandise of my blog. But I have to think of it really well because it involves a lot of spending. And you guys can help me decided by telling me what you think about this design. Do you like it? Do you think you will wear it more than once? Will you buy it? Please don’t hesitate to tell me your opinions. I’ll be waiting.


photos by Ashley Dy

Strike Two

Whoever said that “lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice” has definitely never been to Harajuku and snapped by TokyoFashion.com. Like my first time, it’s an honor to appear once again in one of the most influential street style blogs in the world. The only thing I’m annoyed about it is that lady photobomber who seemed like she didn’t care even if she knew that it was a spot for fashion snaps. Oh well whatever! Thank you, TokyoFashion.com. About the outfit, this is a mix of everything not-so-new in my closet. I’ve used this graphic shirt for so many times for so many occasions and it never failed to draw positive reactions from people. The skirt-looking trousers has also been the same ones that I’ve worn in past posts.


H&M hat, Versace x H&M graphic shirt, gifted skirt-like trousers, Zara oxford shoes and Galliano leather tote bag. Click HERE to see more photos of this look.

photo by TokyoFashion.com

Epiphanies During Rainy Days

I grew up with the belief that the rains give cooler weather. I know I’ve been saying this for a whole time but I hate the rain because it just ruins and makes everything wet. But if there’s something lovely about it, it makes the hot Philippine weather more bearable. But when I started living in Tokyo, everything just changed. I was wondering where did the coolness that the rains bring go? Why is it freaking hot and humid even if it’s crazily pouring outside? It’s crazy that it made me have no reason anymore to like the rain.

Like when I went to Ginza to tour around my new beautiful friend Bea Benedicto, it was sunny at one point then clouds started to get darker until rain started to pour. Leather wasn’t really appropriate for a hot humid rainy day but then the malls and departments stores were blasting their air conditions so this sweater is still functional.

IMGP7043 IMGP7049 IMGP7052 IMGP7060 IMGP7067


Zara sweater, Forever 21 shorts, Nike shoes and OS Accessories cap

This outfit is one of those epiphanies wherein I was able to discover more about myself, style-wise. A lot of people tell me I look good in a suit. It’s nice and very classy. But I’m not that kind of person. I’m the one who needs his comfort. I need my balls to breathe while staying pretty the whole day. I don’t need to be all suited up with my hair gel on (though I love hair gel specially when my hair is newly cut) and look so rich who’s ready to buy anybody whenever he likes. I’m not a Zegna guy but I’m more of a Wang. Classy guys are always in but they are always safe and safe is boring. Life is too short to be always smooth sailing. You need those bumps to make it more exciting. I want my casual stuff. I need my denims, sweatpants, t-shirts, sweaters, sneakers and the list goes on. I need to be beautiful but my body also needs to move so from now on, that’s gonna be my guide when buying clothes.


photos by Ashley Dy