The 1989 World Tour Tokyo Experience

Listening to Taylor Swift is one guilty pleasure that I’m really not guilty about. With all my not-so-good-experience in love, I’ve tried making myself more nonchalant about the subject. But Taylor’s romantic lyricism never fails to hit my heart rock bottom. It gives me all the feels I need to go back to my old hopeless romantic teenage self.

So when I heard that Taylor’s gonna bring the 1989 World Tour in Tokyo, I promised myself that  I’m gonna get my ass to Tokyo Dome for her concert no matter what. But getting tickets in Japan are very complicated with all these lottery shenanigans they have here so I wasn’t able to buy for myself. I just gave up to the fact of seeing her perform live. But through some twist of fate, I found out that a co-worker had an extra ticket for the 1989 World Tour concert and she was very willing to go with me. It reminded me of an old cliche that says, “if it’s for you, then it’s gonna come to you in time.” And it did!

IMG_9751.JPG IMG_9753.JPG IMG_9752.JPG

* I love the free wristband lights that changes in synchrony to the music being played by Taylor during the entire concert. Sometimes, it would look like the beautiful lights of New York City, a beautiful galaxy of blue stars or a flood of pink flowers for a love song. Props to the you, lights people!!!

* All those outfits for the whole concert were to die for. Taylor was giving us sexy, girly, dreamy, S&M and everything. My favorite was that pink dress that lights up in the dark which she wore for “How You Get The Girl”. The moment she went out in that dress, I immediately shouted “kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”.

* The 1989 World Tour is a testament of Taylor’s new chapter as an artist. We all know that her 1989 album is Tay-Tay’s final farewell to country music to go full-fledged pop superstar. And this tour even makes that more evident. It’s a testament that Taylor isn’t afraid to experiment with her music styles by giving also sharing different versions of her past hits like a rock flavored “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together” and a slow beat but nevertheless feel-good version of “Love Story”. This is proof that Taylor can own any genre of music as long as she has her signature lyricism that talks about love and its complications.

* Let’s face it: Taylor doesn’t have the greatest voice nor the best moves but what she lacks in performing skills, she makes it up not only for her brilliance in creating music but also her charm. She’s very relatable with the way she shares her life and lessons about love with her music and concert spiels. She’s not afraid to open up about her relationships, making her vulnerable and human in so many ways. Once, you see that in Taylor, you won’t see her as a pop idol but as a friend. And like a best gal friend, she falls in love, hates and disses the ex, stumbles, and rises up with you all through the journey. She does all of these with her music which immediately turns you into a “swiftie” (what they usually call a Taylor Swift fan).

I love you, Taylor! Though sometimes, I disagree with your views about love (it’s just me being the older guy here), you still give me the right dosage of cheesiness that I occasionally need in my life. That means that your music hits a special place in my heart and that’s a lot. You don’t need to be like me nor I don’t need to be like you for me to love you. Just be who you are, that dreamy girl with some much passion for everything she does but remains sweet, vulnerable and human. Our differences won’t stop me from admiring you. Continue to inspire your fans all over the world, telling them that in relationships, it’s definitely okay to love and give it all, fall down, stand up, dust yourself off and rise above it all.

I wish that in the future, I’d be able to talk and share with you my thoughts about life and love and maybe you’ll be able to learn something from it. It may even inspire you to create beautiful music. I believe that it’s possible because I know that you’re reading this somewhere. For now, thank you for the beautiful music.


There’s A Time For Chanel

If there’s one luxury brand that I really want for myself, it’s Chanel. I’ve always wanted a medium-sized Boy Bag in black caviar leather with silver metallic details. I always drool whenever I see one in the windows of their boutiques in Tokyo. But we all know the prize of a Chanel bag is no joke. One costs equally to a luxury trip to Maldives or even enough to explore Southeast Asia. If I was younger and had all that money, I’d gladly spurge it to satisfy my material girl inside. But I’m a changed man. I’d rather choose traveling than shopping that’s why the Chanel dreams are always on hold. Like what I always tell myself, “There’s always a time for Chanel.”  

IMG_9663.JPG IMG_9662.JPG IMG_9661.JPG IMG_9659.JPG IMG_9660.JPG

Then one day, my wallet decided to retire by not closing itself even if I zipped it a gazillion times. That means only two things; either I continue holding on to my embarrassing broken wallet or buy a new one. I chose the latter. So when I went around Yokohama, I found this second hand Chanel black leather wallet which is in perfect condition and in a very reasonable price. I saw it, pulled out my credit card and decided not to look back. Now I know why I haven’t been shopping for clothes for the last three months.

Can you tell how much of a happy girl I am now that Chanel has come into my life??? Pretty sure you do. As for the Boy Bag, let me just say this: one Chanel at a time.


A Vision Of Minimalism In Black

We’re almost in the end of the Golden Week holiday here in Japan and that means going back to the work-hard-to-party-hard-but-pay-the-bills-first reality of my life. Due to some financial constraints, I chose not to travel somewhere unlike most people here in Japan do during Golden Week but it doesn’t mean I’m having the most boring time ever. I find this year’s GW very productive because I was able to finish immigrant obligations, watch in the movie house which I’ve been dying to do for a long time, hangout with my friends, do a little shopping (which I will blog about later) and have my own ME time in my own personal space.

Yesterday, I went to Yokohama with some of my friends wearing this black ensemble which is a mixture of new and not-so-new pieces from my closet. I had no idea what to wear yesterday so I just decided to put all of these on me and I’m glad it work for my style and comfort. But seriously, I think I really need some white clothes in my life.

IMG_9654.JPG IMG_9655.JPG IMG_9658.JPG IMG_9657.JPG IMG_9656.JPGsweater: vintage Dior from Funktique Harajuku
shorts: Armani Exchange
sunglasses: Rayban
sandals: Sam Edelman
photos: Kiko Cagayat



Why You Gotta Be Black?

Why you gotta be black??? Well, why not?!?! Give me a black outfit and a white backdrop and we’re totally down for business.  This was my outfit for last week’s Tokyo Rainbow Parade event. Apparently not that festive but all those colors reside in my very gay heart. LOL!

Warmer days are here and I’m glad I can wear shorts and lesser layers again. Although the scorching summer heat which I abhor is definitely around the corner. Yet the idea of a beach getaway is never a bad idea. Oh, life and its crazy ironies! You love one side and hate the other. All we gotta do is enjoy the now.

IMG_9533.JPG IMG_9531.JPG IMG_9532.JPG

t-shirt: Alexander Wang x H&M
shorts: Armani Exchange
sneakers: Nike
necklace: DNA Extract Amethyst by Organic DMT
cap: Overbite cap by OS Accessories
sunglasses: Rayban
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
photos: Christina Ras


3 Minutes Of Tokyo

Hi guys! I know I haven’t been updating my blog lately but if you’ve been a follower of mine in the online community, you’re probably aware that I’ve been making videos as a new hobby.

One of the web series that I’ve been busy with is “3 Minutes Of Tokyo” which aims to show my followers a glimpse of my home for 8 years, Tokyo. I started it almost two months ago as an experiment and now, I’m totally enjoying it.

For the first episode, I walked around Suidobashi, Harajuku and Shinjuku. I wanted a raw feeling to it so I only put all of these videos together without any BG music in it.

For the second episode, I featured the man-made recreational island of Odaiba with my friend Satchiko of Happy Hours. In this episode, I decided to put some BG music courtesy of OWL City. The song is the entitled Tokyo which is the best fitting song for the series.

For the third episode, I featured the very fun Japanese tradition of flower viewing or “hanami”. This time, the product is a compilation of different videos which I took from different occasions- one from my hanami with friends in Showa Kinen Park and the second one with Kaila and Satchiko in Shinjuku Gyoen Park.

For its fourth episode, I went to the annual Tokyo Rainbow Parade which was a celebratory event of the Tokyo Gay Pride Week. I went there with a couple of my friends. This time, I decided to put a hyper lapse effect to the video.

And for my latest installment of the series, I made a video of three of my favorite places to eat out in the metropolis. It’s my first time to use a Japanese song for a BG music which is from my favorite anime of all time, Sailor Moon. This is also a compilation of different videos I’ve gathered from different days.

I’m not really sure where this is heading too. I don’t know if I’m transitioning from a fashion blogger to a video blogger but I’m definitely enjoying making these videos. It’s my way of showing you around Tokyo and expressing my appreciation to the fact that I live in one of the best and coolest cities in the planet. If you like these videos, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel (click HERE) to receive the latest updates.


White Blooms

I’ve posted these photos in Instagram before but I think they deserve a blog post. As much of a pollen allergic person that I am, I’ve learned to love the beauty that spring has to offer. Never mind the very tricky temperatures, just appreciate the beautiful backdrops of flora all around the place.

These were taken in Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa which was one of the best parks I’ve been in Tokyo. I went there with my friends for some traditional Japanese picnic under the cherry blossoms called “hanami” and even if it was gloomy, it didn’t stop us to have so much fun.

IMG_9357.JPGIMG_9359.JPG IMG_9361.JPG IMG_9362.JPG IMG_9358.JPG IMG_9360.JPG

sweater: Uniqlo
pants: GU Japan
sneakers: New Balance
leather cap: Marc by Marc Jacobs
sunglasses: Rayban

Outfit wise, I’m in love with this look. Minimal, easy breezy, no loudness involve. I think it’s the perfect look to complement the beauty of my back drop. I’ve come a long way in being in terms with my style and I think minimalism and monochromes with a dash of athleticism really gets me in a certain way. Comfort and style is always a winner combo.


Cherry Blossoms 2015

I think I’m reaching another phase of maturity. I’m starting to see the things that are indifferent for me in a better light. I’m not the biggest fan of snow and winter but because of snowboarding, I can’t wait for the cold season to come again. Spring gives me the worst pollen allergy that makes me wanna grab my eyeballs out. Not to mention the runny rose effect. But this year, the cherry blossoms made me appreciate the beauty of this season. There’s something about these flowers that make me feel gentle and kind inside.

IMG_9006.JPG IMG_9003.JPG IMG_9001.JPG IMG_9005.JPG IMG_9002.JPG IMG_9004.JPG

Here are some things that I learned about cherry blossoms and what I’ve reflected whenever I look at these pretty trees.

* Youth is like the cherry blossoms- they both never last too long. That’s why we should always enjoy it and live to the fullest like how the these flowers reach full beauty when they bloom.

* Living a short but well-lived life is a good life. Just like how the cherry blossoms never die in vain in spring because they made people happy with their beauty.

* You will know the age of a cherry blossom by the amount of flowers blooming from them. Young trees usually don’t have that much but they become prettier as they age. It made me realize that getting older isn’t a bad thing because with age comes the beauty of wisdom.

* In line with that realization above, some people need time to reach their full beauty and potential like how cherry blossoms produce more beautiful flowers in the course of time.

* Something is really beautiful when it makes you feel something good inside and it inspires you. The cherry blossoms inspired these thoughts of mine which are actually the same ideas of other philosophers of ancient times. The only difference is I’m sharing these thoughts in a much more digital way.


Snowboarding in Hakuba, Nagano

OMG! One month of hiatus??? I didn’t even notice that it has been a month since I posted something here in the blog. Let me dust off the place first. *cough cough* I’m sorry for the long absence and as much as I want to give reasons why it happened, it wouldn’t really matter at all coz I’m here now.

Last weekend, I went to my first snowboarding experience in my life. I’ve been living here in Japan for 8 years and in that span of time, I’ve learned how to hate snow. If you’ve been a long follower of my blog, you’d know this for sure. But I’ve always wanted to try snowboarding so when my friend Phoebus invited me to go with his friends for a 3 days and 2 nights snowboarding trip , I didn’t hesitate at all and said yes.


Me on the summit of Mt. Happoone during our third and last day. It was snowing and by the time we reached the top, the clouds and winds came in and we couldn’t see anything. The height and the zero visibility took the best of me and I cried like a child because of fear. Good thing, my friend Rhea was with me at that time and we were able to manage to go down through our amateur falling leaf boarding skills and a lot of stumbles. Hahaha!!! I don’t think I’d do that again even if I become really good at this sport.

IMG_8472.JPG IMG_8477.JPG

FACT: The Hakuba Happoone Ski Resort was the venue of the Nagano Winter Sports Olympics last 1998. I kinda feel bad ass snowboarding in the same place where world class pro athletes gathered to play their cards. Hahaha!

IMG_8473.JPG IMG_8476.JPG IMG_8478.JPG IMG_8470.JPG

These were some shots I took with my iPhone in the entire trip. We were so lucky to have beautiful weather the whole time. I realized that I didn’t really hate snow. I hate it when it hits and messes up the city.


This is a cool shot taken by my friend Rhea during a stopover on the way back to Tokyo. I was really sad going home because I had so much fun.

If you wanna see how much I enjoyed snowboarding, here is the third episode of my vlog series “Ano Na, Teh?!” (which I launched 3 weeks ago, thus making me absent in the blog too) which features a clip of me, practicing how to snowboard.

I wanna thank Phoebus for inviting me to this trip and teaching me the sport personally. I remember how I cried when I did my first S and he told me how I’m doing so well for a first timer.

As I’m typing this, my body is still sore from my recent snowboarding trip but I don’t regret going. Hell no! I think I found my new passion. At age 28, I thought I needed to learn something new to shake my world a bit and snowboarding just came on time. I’m still having dreams about it and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I can’t wait for winter to do snowboarding again.


If you guys are interested to snowboard, here’s a short list of things and reminders that you might need.

* The proper attire (wear, undergarments like leggings, socks and shirt, boots, goggles, bonnet or helmet, neck warmer or a mask that can cover your lower face to avoid goggle tan lines and gloves). You have an option to buy them for your own or rent it in a nearby rental shop in the ski resort. It’s better to rent first during your first time and buy your own stuff once you’ve committed to the sport.

* Some pain relievers like plasters and drink medicine. Snowboarding is a physical sport and falling and tumbling down are inevitable. It’s gonna make your body sore for a long time especially for first timers so it’s best if you have pain relievers with you.

* In relation to the previous tip, a hot bath after snowboarding will be very helpful to calm your tensed muscles and lessen body pain.

* Bringing chocolates and energy-boosting treats will also help for apparent reasons.

* Have the right attitude especially for first timers. Snowboarding isn’t an easy sport. It requires a lot of dedication, patience, balance and awareness of one’s body to fully understand and do it. It actually tested my willingness to learn until I could finally do an S motion with my board.