My Once Sporty Life

During the past few weeks, I noticed that my looks are getting to the health goth, monochromatic sporty side. I think it’s the Alexander Wang x H&M effect and the bug is still in my subconscious, affecting my choices in clothes.

Since we’re talking about sporty fashion here, I decided to share to you the sporty side of my life. Yes, guys! Even if I look like a twinky who doesn’t even know the word gym exist, there’s a part of my youth that I dedicated to sports. There was also a part of my childhood that I was so active I wanted to try everything that’s gonna make my body fit.


Marc by Marc Jacobs oversized zip up hoodie, Opening Ceremony Japan exclusive sweater, Anti Depressant shorts, Alexander Wang x H&M beanie and Sam Edelman sandals

* When I was 10, I started playing volleyball. I don’t know how I got into the game for some reason. Maybe because I went to an exclusive boys’ school and one way that the straights and the gays separated then was through the sports they play. It’s basketball for the heteros and volleyball for the gays which is also the case in the Philippines per se. I believe I was good then but I wasn’t trained professionally so I think I didn’t really reached my full potential of my volleyball skills. But those were fun days though.

* I was the captain ball of the men’s volleyball team when I was in high school but I didn’t take it too seriously so our team didn’t really take off distances. Haha!

IMGP0134 IMGP0143

* When I left high school for university, my active lifestyle time was totally diverted to my love for theater and the performing arts. I spent 4 years of my life in university and the only time I played sports, specifically volleyball, then was my sophomore year. Other than that, I was too busy directing plays, doing stage management and all those production stuff so I didn’t have the time to insert a little volleyball in my life.

* I moved to Japan and years after my last game, I finally had the chance to play volleyball again. It felt really good to do something that I really loved doing since I was a child. It was so nostalgic and unreal. Then I snapped back to reality when my body got totally sore for 4 days. Hey don’t tell me I’m getting older. That was like more than 10 years of not doing any sports.

IMGP0150 IMGP0142

* In this modern times, going to the beach can make you really feel bad about yourself especially if your body isn’t as good as the other bodies you see in the beach. I feel really insecure (and lusting) towards these hot guys in the beach. There are times when I’m tempted to hit the gym and make my muscles look like guns. But then, whenever I look at my clothes, I don’t wanna abandon them once my body gets bigger with all the workout I’ll be doing. So I choose my clothes over my body building. I know it’s crazy but please don’t judge me. I just want to maintain my body now. Not too big, small framed and avoiding my belly to be a freak show.


I still am not the sportiest person in the world and people have always complained how I’m too skinny, which I don’t buy. I think my body’s just right and I’m really fine with it, unless I don’t go to the gym, the beach or anywhere hot guys with smoking bodies lurk. So for now, being sporty fashionable will do the work for me. Hahaha!!!

But as much as possible, I try to do something physical once in a while like a hiking, biking or some sort. I’m thinking of putting exercise and a more active lifestyle in my goal list for next year. In addition to that, a more beautiful abs is also in the list so you guys watch out!!! HA!!! I’m gonna have a hotter body next summer. That is if I don’t get lazy to exercise and tempted to buy a pack of Snickers and Kitkats in the grocery store across to my apartment.


photos by Carey Watanabe

Hiking Mount Takao

I’m quite an adventurous person. If I can try doing something new everyday, I’d probably do it especially if it’s something that’s out of my boundaries. I love challenging myself up to the limits of my capabilities. As I see it, you’ll never know what you can really do unless you try it. And everything exciting happens outside your own box.

A few weeks ago, I challenged myself by going hiking with my friends in Mount Takao, an hour away from central Tokyo. To go to Mount Takao, take the Keio Line from Shinjuku and get down at Takaosanguchi.

IMGP9750 IMGP9757

A map showing the trails of Mount Takao and other nearby mountains. My gang told me that our goal is to reach 4 summits including Mount Takao, Shiroyama, Kagenobuyama and Mount Jinba. I asked my friend Phoebus if how long it would take us to finish the whole course and he said a whole day. At that moment, I was like “LAWRD! Can I do this?!” But there was no turning back.


Outside Takaosanguchi station is a store that sells food like these obento boxes.


Since it’s gonna be a long day of hiking, I did something warm up exercises in an open space dedicated for stretching. Actually, prior to going to Takao, I had prepared myself by taking a pill of body pain reliever medicine. Here, I’m wearing a Marc Jacobs oversized hooded zip-up jacket, a hooded pullover from Nike, H&M sweatpants, New Balance sneakers and an open beanie which I could also use as a neck warmer. Once Phoebus saw me that day, he reminded me that we were going for a hike and not to a fashion show. Hello?!?!?! I need to be beautiful whatever I’m doing. Hahaha!!!


This is the entrace to Mount Takao for visitors who wanna visit the summit the easy way via cable cars. I don’t know how much it costs because we took the harder road. Now our adventure really begins.


Cute statuettes that I’m sure has something to do with nature spirits or so. They greeted us as we walk towards the entrance of Mount Takao.


It was on.

IMGP9785 IMGP9788

There was also this small temple in the middle of somewhere in Takao.


The hardcore hiking boys of the team, Jervis, Phoebus (who was also with me going to Kozushima) and Sanberth aka Sonny. Sonny asked us to have a quick stop for his stamp rally card.


The giant root formations along the way were very lovely. They made me feel like I was inside a fairy tale world.

IMGP9805 IMGP9806

We decided to have a quick break and Jervis took out his Rubic cubes. He was a former record holder of the fastest person who can finish a color rubric in the Philippines. Brilliant, right? I saw right before my eyes how he was able to finish a Rubik cube in a matter of seconds and this irregular one in a matter of less than two minutes.

IMGP9818 IMGP9822

And we went back to hiking again. It was such a perfect weather to do this activity.


And we finally made it to the top of Mount Takao, which is our first stop.


A number of visitors capturing the view with their cameras. Though it was a beautiful day, the skies weren’t clear enough to see Mount Fuji. It could have been a view.


The whole gang while walking towards our next destination, Shiroyama.

IMGP9854 IMGP9862

We reached Shiroyama’s summit and saw a place where we could have a few bites and snacks. I just learned that hikers take a lot of sweets and chocolates with them to boost adrenalin while walking.


It was Ceff’s birthday eve when we went hiking and this was a card given to him by his former colleagues in his former company. We jokingly told him not to cry while reading it.


Autumn leaves were starting to take over the place.

IMGP9882 IMGP9887

Time to get moving again!

IMGP9892 IMGP9893

We met some forest friends along the way.


One beautiful thing that I learned from hiking is that all hikers in Japan greet everyone whenever their paths come together. I love how courtesy is valued everywhere in Japan.


Do I look haggard already? Hahaha!!! My knees and legs were starting to give up already but since everyone was still alright, I took my pride and continued walking. I’m just gonna deal with the body pain when I get home. Hahaha!!!


Finally made it to the summit of Kagenobuyama! I think this is Kanagawa prefecture. The mountain actually stands in between West Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture which explains why we could view the latter there.


The mushroom ramen was incredibly good! I recommend it if you guys wanna visit the place.


I started screaming when I saw this very cute Shibainu. I love shibainus and I wish to have one someday.


We didn’t have time anymore as the sun was slowly setting in the west so we went back to business to reach the our last stop, Mount Jinba which was the highest among all four.


Finally, we made it to the top of Mount Jinba. Look at that..uhmmm…horse? It’s so phallic. Hahaha!!! We even named it Phallus Magnificus. Hahahaha!!!

IMGP9960 IMGP9961

This cute grandpa was enjoying the autumn view he got for himself.


There was a store in the summit of Mount Jinba for some refreshments.


Before the sunset, we made it to the bus stop going to Takao station. It was indeed a day and I needed a hot bath and 4 plasters for my calves and legs to avoid having body pain the next day. That day, I believed I conquered something which is definitely out of my league. It was my first hike and was able to reach four summits already. I think I’m gonna do this more often than before. It’s so refreshing to be in one with nature especially that I’m living the fast urban life in one of the busiest cities in the world.



All photos by me

Halloween in Shibuya 2014

For the past two years, my friends from Tokyo Fashion has made me all curious about Halloween in Shibuya. Within the mentioned timeframe, they have been taking snaps and videos of different people in the area, all dressed up for the occasion. Some do scary-as-hell prosthetics, some do cosplay while some are just being all slutty and all (which makes Halloween a favorite for the hentais out there). Well it doesn’t really matter as long as you wear something unusual to your everyday look.

This year, I decided to go to Shibuya and spent Halloween there and experience the event myself for the first time. I went there with my beloved sister-from-another-mother Emika and the moment I stepped out of the train, I got a moment of shock with the amount of people coming out from the station. I thought it took me like 15 minutes to get out and when I stepped out of the station, I was even more awed, in a good way, with how many people there were in the area. I met Emika and started to walk towards Shibuya 109 where they had a stage and DJ’s playing music for everyone.


OMG! The attack of JKS (Joshi kokosei=high school girls) zombies. They still look cute and pretty with their eyeliner smores and blood stained uniforms.


Hello there DJ Angel of Shibuya 109!


Look at all those people. I’ve always known Shibuya as a very crowded place and it’s always like that everytime I go there but this is the first time I’ve seen it this packed! I usually hate crowded places but the energy of the people participating in the street Shibuya Halloween is just so crazy and infecting. It was purely positive vibes!

IMG_5527.JPG IMG_5528.JPG

I’m a baptized Roman Catholic and attended Catholic schools my whole life but I wasn’t the least offended when I saw this Japanese guy doing Jesus Christ with this cardboard cross. I was laughing the whole time because it was so irreverently funny. Not to mention, his body was hot too so I definitely had no complains and was willing to compromise my religion. Hahaha! And hello there, drunk Black Santa!


A touch of Halloween in all shops in Shibuya!


Hello there! This is the reality of Happy Halloween in Shibuya.


Oh no you guys! You’re messing up with the wrong guy. I’m from the hood of Manila called Tondo and that means hell breaks loose just to get back to you if you make the mistake of not  killing me with your first bullet.


Pretty witches.


With the abundance of Waldos last Halloween, I think finding him woudn’t be the problem. Finding the best Waldo would be coz they were all cute.


The silent giant called Shibuya HIkarie watches as the whole area celebrated Halloween.


Ikemen (good looking guys) zombies!!! I secretly wanted to steal that leather jacket from the left guy.


There were a lot of people youngsters in the area like this Elvis, scarred Harry Potter, Rillakuma, Gachapin and Elmo.


I went all nostalgic when I saw one of my favorite Dragon Ball characters Piccolo. I couldn’t resist doing his remarkable Special Beam Canon pose. And look at how cute Emika is. That’s because I only have pretty and good looking friends. Hahaha!!!!


A class that Halloweens together, stays together.


Ok, Waterboys, I’m ready for some water sports.


Since there were a lot of people in central Shibuya, we anticipated that it would be hard to find a place to eat so we decided to walk until Harajuku. The number of costume wearers slowly became lower and lower as we went away where the party was but there were still funny  guys in the streets and very remarkable characters.


We bow down to thee, Dark Lord.


If you guys want more of the Halloween experience in Shibuya, watch the video below made by Tokyo Fashion that documents the whole Halloween experience in the area.

Why I didn’t dress up? It’s because I had no time to do it since I came from work but I promise to do so next year. Weeeeeee!!!!