Okay!!!! Let me have a breather after all those travel posts. Oh my goodness!!! When was the last time I posted a proper outfit blog entry? Like 10,762 years ago?? Last summer, I was busy with work plus I went to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand for my holidays. I also visited the lovely city of Shimoda in the Izu Peninsula for the first time as my farewell salvo to this year’s summer. Those are valid (and good…REALLY GOOD) reasons for the absence of fashion and style in the blog or better yet, not updating the blog as much as before. Let me inhale a good amount of air after all those tiring processes involved in making travel journals. There was a time that I had to choose from 400+ photos then edit them down to 30-50 photos for a blog post. I’m gonna be honest here. It was really exhausting though I don’t regret it because I love sharing my stories to everyone. I just hope that you guys enjoy them.

Anyways, these are some of my purchases in the Lion City, Singapore. I didn’t have any plans of shopping during the trip because I knew myself very well. When I go shopping, there’s a BIG tendency that I’ll just swipe that magic plastic card away and don’t care about my next month’s bill. I was too scared for my life that I wouldn’t have enough money for Thailand if I started visiting those stores in Orchard Road in Singapore. But life moves in mysterious ways. It found a way to insert some shopping in my trip. I swear to the heavens, I tried my best to keep away from malls and shopping centers but there’s just too many of them in Southeast Asia. Guys, I’m telling you, Southeast Asian people, aside from being aircon people (they love to turn on their ACs high) are MALL people. When they build one mall, they’re gonna build four more next to it. And let me add the fact how cheap the prices are in the Southeast compared here in Tokyo which make Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok havens for the shopaholics. There was no way for me to escape.


The tee is from Singaporean label EVENODD by designer Samuel Wong. I found it in a store in Orchard Gateway called The Superspace which Samuel also co-owns. The shorts are from Anti-Depressant which is a trendier and more youthful diffusion line of its mainline Depression by Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh. I shall talk about these Singaporean stores and brands in my next blog posts. Haaaaay! I know, guys. I do have a lot of backlogs. But yeah, let me try to kill you with overexcitement! LOL!

IMGP9217 IMGP9204

After a week I came back to Tokyo, I cut my hair and had a mohawk (AGAIN!). It’s actually longer now by a few centimeters. Damn! I should learn how to shave my head on my own to save myself some money. More money, more shopping…or traveling. LOL!

IMGP9219 IMGP9208

I love the minimalism, sportiness and edginess happening in these pieces. It’s very Singapore in all ways. Casual, easy, and laid back but with a powerful punch of impact.

IMGP9226 IMGP9229

EvenOdd t-shirt, Anti-Depressant jersey shorts and New Balance sneakers

It’s my second time to travel abroad and I really am a newbie when it comes to traveling. But let me say that it really excites me in so many ways. Going to new places and experiencing a different culture give me this gratifying glory that no other designer clothes can. There is something about meeting new people and learning from their experience that makes traveling a good teacher. I remember when I was in the middle of my summer trip. I was about to ride the train when I had this epiphany: I spend money on fashion but I will get tired of them once new stuff come along and when I keep repeating them for a period of time. The experience and the lessons that I’ll learn in traveling will all be intact in my mind, heart and soul. They’re my experience and can never be taken away from me. I won’t get tired of telling these stories about these countries I’ve visited my children and my grandchildren (if ever I’ll have those).

So am I gonna transition from fashion and style to travel blogging? I believe I’m not. I think I’ll just be a mere blogger- a person who decided to join the web, put on a blog and shares his thoughts and experience to the world. I will share my interests which include fashion and travel but I don’t think I will favor one of them. Life is too short and precious to focus on one thing alone. Wouldn’t it be so good if you’ve visited a number of beautiful places, experienced a bunch of breath-taking moments while looking stylish in a lifetime?


Malaysia: Penang (Day 3)

My third day in Penang, like my second day, was also packed and started really early. For me, you really need to start early when traveling so you can also finish early and take it easy in the evening. After all, you paid for the convenience of your hotel so might as well, use the facilities and stay there as long as possible. Haha!

My first stop was the Penang State Museum which has a great collection of artifacts that showcases the origins and history of Penang. I love the European inspiration of this building.

IMGP8121 IMGP8070 IMGP8071 IMGP8076 IMGP8087 IMGP8096

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Malaysia: Penang (Day 1 and 2)

My third day in Kuala Lumpur was my departure for Penang, Malaysia. If there’s one person who I’m very thankful during my time in Kuala Lumpur, it’s none other than my friend Jonathan who was kind enough to make me stay in his place for the entire time. We weren’t able to go around the city with his hectic schedule (being the chief-of-staff of Air Asia, the world’s leading low cost air carrier) but I really appreciated his generosity. The fact is I only asked a little of his time but he offered me the other room in his pad. Thank you so much, kuya!!!


I went straight to KL Sentral station to catch my bus for the airport. I met this beautiful lady from Amsterdam named Lotte who I made friends with.


After more or less forty five minutes, I arrived safely in Penang, Malaysia.


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