Share That Light

Hello guys! How are you doing? It’s getting colder and colder here in Tokyo and I think this year’s winter is even worse than last year. As each day passes, it’s harder to get up from bed in the morning and make my lazy ass move.  Good thing, we’re a few days away from winter vacation. I can’t wait to recharge after all those stress and pressure that the busy second term of school gave to me. Moreover I can’t wait to spend Christmas and New Year with my family here in Japan and hang out with my friends more.


T by Alexander Wang scuba sweatshirt, H&M pants and hat, Gucci ring and Sam Edelman sandals


I bought this sweater as a birthday gift for myself. Actually I’ve been buying a lot of stuff for the past 3 months and I’m so proud how I was able to survive. The sweater is very warm coz it’s neoprene and is very functional with that spacious zip pocket in the tummy area.

IMGP0419 IMGP0401 IMGP0430

The whole world is free to hate now coz I’m wearing socks and sandals again. Hahahaha!!! But I really like it and I don’t see why other people find it wrong and tacky.


I’ve said in a previous post how happy I am with how things are happening in my life right now. I was surprised with the amount of positive feedbacks I got from friends and readers and they even told me that they felt like there was a positive energy that was passed on them after reading it or hearing my stories. A cousin of mine even told me how he sees me as an inspiration. I was flattered with the words but somehow I felt pressured to be seen as a role model. Coz I know my imperfections and I’m not the person fit for that role.

But then it made realize that  once you’re enlightened, it’s your turn to share that light.


photos by Kiko Cagayat

Last Days of Autumn


OAK NYC leather jacket, GU Japan pants, H&M and Gucci rings, Comme Ca Ism knitted scarf and Zara shoes

IMGP0342 IMGP0324 IMGP0346 IMGP0350 IMGP0319

It was a three day long weekend and what better way to celebrate it than to go to a friend’s family house, watch TV all day while being served with the best home-cooked food ever. Staying at Ena‘s house overnight probably gained me a few pounds that I had to eat less for three days. I can’t afford to gain weight because I just bought this very good leather jacket which is something I’ve always wanted. It just fits me right and a few kilos will definitely make it smaller for me and I just don’t want that to happen. The leather is made from cow skin with a lot of pockets that are totally functional. The only down side to it is its weight. I feel like I have a metal ball chained to my arms whenever I wear it. But who cares? Looking good usually comes with a price.

I’m sad that my favorite season autumn is now on its final stage and preparing to bid goodbye. The trees go completely bald and the temperature drops lower. Winter is slowly coming and I hate it because it’s getting harder to get up in the morning plus the bill gets higher because of additional heating system that consumes a lot of electricity. Not to mention that the gas also gets higher in this time of the year. Oh gosh! I sound like a total complaining adult. Yuck! How I wish autumn stays forever but like anything else in this world, it must indeed go. Life goes on.


photo by Ena Cuizon


One of the best things about blogging is discovering and giving light to budding talents which has so much promise. I learned about this new California-based street brand LATokyo through my friend Kiko and fell in love with it. LATokyo is the combination of the designers’ home city Los Angeles and their inspiration city Tokyo that carries the comfortable and laid back attitude of the famous Californian city with the fashion forward edginess of the Japanese capital.


 LA Tokyo himitsu tank top (click HERE) and harem sweatpants (click HERE), Nike hooded pullover and sneakers and H&M brim hat


Tank tops are not the best idea when it’s 8 degrees Celsius outside but I wanted to wear my himitsu tank when I visited my parents’ house. So I put it on my neoprene hooded pullover that I’ve been using for a long time plus another undergarment for more body heating purposes. Problem solved!


I love this LA Tokyo harem sweats. Not only they’re cool but they’re also very comfortable and functional with all its pockets. I’ve been looking around for a new pair of sweatpants that’s totally stylish and very useful too and big thanks to LATokyo for coming into my life.

IMGP0587 IMGP0602 IMGP0480

“秘密 (himitsu)” is the Japanese word for “secret” and LA Tokyo didn’t give that name to this piece for no reason. There is a secret white logo beneath the tank top which you can unbutton if you feel like showing it. Aside from being cool and hip, I love that LATokyo makes clothes not only to sell but also to tell a story and share a part of themselves.

IMGP0528 IMGP0564

But most of all, I love how their pieces can easily be matched with the current stuff I have in my closet. LOL!


Since we’re already talking about secrets, let me ask you some questions about them.

1. Do you have any secrets, especially a big one that you can’t afford reveal?

2. How does it feel like having a secret that’s so big you’re not sure it’s gonna make or break your life?

3. Are you a good secret keeper? How do you feel when someone tells you a big secret?

4. Have you tried spilling another person’s secret? What happened?

Let’s try some interaction here and put your answers in the comment section below.


photo by Karen Takegahara

PS: This is NOT a sponsored post

Settling Dust


Vintage Christian Dior cashmere sweater, Levi’s jeans, Versace x H&M boots

Two days ago, I stepped out of my bathroom from my morning shower, dressed up, put my moisturizer on, did my hair and after all that, I looked at myself in the mirror. Then I had an epiphany: I am happy. I’m genuinely happy. I’m getting happier as I get older. I have a a good-paying job. I live in a first world country. I have a lavish lifestyle that I think I deserve because I work hard. I don’t have a romantic love life but that’s being easily covered up by the love of my family and friends. I used to hate birthdays but during the past three years, I’ve celebrated the bests of my life with the people who mattered to me the most. I used to say that I’m not a family person but lately, I’ve proven that I love them more than ever and I’m willing to do everything to protect them in case someone threatens their peace.

I think I am in a phase in my life where the dust of my childhood and adolescent years are starting to settle down. I’m getting rid off the young and temperamental me that I was and getting to know myself better. I’ve opened up to different people with differences from me and learned a lot from them. Through that, I learned tolerance. Most of all, I’m blessed and totally lucky. I used to wish I was a world wide phenomenon of a fashion blogger but I don’t see it happening sooner but my blogger life isn’t that bad at all with the friends and meaningful relationships I make through my site. Realizing all these things, it makes me happy.

Let me end this post with a prayer:

“Dear universe, thank you for showering me with all these blessings even though at times I don’t feel like I deserve them. I offer the tears and sorrows of my past and lift up the anxieties of my future to you so I can enjoy the beauty of the present. Thank you!”


photo by Ashley Dy


My boy Kiko and I decided to hangout for an easy breezy autumn photo shoot in Shinjuku Gyoen National Park. It was such a beautiful afternoon and how lovely to take our shots during that day. I wore this Christian Dada AW 2014 turtle neck sweater I bought during their reopening last month which I couldn’t stop myself from buying. It was slowly getting colder then and I “badly needed” a new good sweater that will warm me up when the temperature drops like hell.


T by Alexander Wang coat, Christian Dada turtle neck sweater, GU Japan black pants, Versace x H&M boots, Gucci ring and H&M wide brim hat


Can I just say how happy I am now that I can finally wear my oversized coat again??


This sweater costed me an arm and a leg but I don’t regret it. It’s definitely beautiful and very warm to wear.

IMGP0287 IMGP0313

My brother was kind enough to give me his Gucci ring which he got from his friend. Haha!


My Versace x H&M shoes which has been serving me well for a very long time now. I don’t know when I’m gonna make it retire but I badly need a new pair of boots. Anybody nice there who wants to gift me one…or two?? Hahaha!!!

IMGP0253 IMGP0228

I’m celebrating my birthday today. It’ll be over in a few minutes here in Asia but will still be on going in the western hemisphere. I wanted to celebrate it alone but then somehow, I mysteriously dialed my mom’s number and all of a sudden, I was on my way to my parents’ house with a box of chocolate cake. My mom cooked a Filipino tomato stew dish called “afritada” for me and even put three candles on my cake while everybody, my stepdad and siblings, sang happy birthday for me. I think it was the first time they did that for me ever.

If there’s something that moving out from my parents’ house taught me, it’s the value of my family. I realized how important they are to me no matter how much I don’t wanna live with them. I used to say I’m not a family person. I still think I’m not but now, I guess I value them more than ever.

Thank you very much to all those people who greeted me on my birthday. I think my birthdays are getting better as I get older. Speaking of older, thank you for those people who tell me that I don’t look my age. It just shows that I have chosen the right moisturizer. Haha! Thank you.


photos by Kiko Cagayat


By the way, Eastdane and Shopbop are having a BIG SALE now until the 1st of December. Go and check them out before all items go gone gone gone.


On Pair Looks and Sandals and Socks

Third time’s a charm. My friends from Tokyo Fashion featured me once again in their site and this time, I shared the spotlight with my baby girl Ena. I remember how I was bored that day and decided to go to Harajuku and thanks to Instragram, I found out that Ena was also in the area. We decided to hangout out and lo and behold, we were both surprise to see ourselves in matching outfits. Great minds think alike. LOL! We hanged out around the area and bumped into the Tokyo Fashion team and chatted for more or less an hour.


On me: gifted draped knit jacket, Christian Dada t-shirt, Forever 21 shorts and Sam Edelman sandals (Check out our Tokyo Fashion feature HERE for more photos and details of our outfits)

* I’m not the greatest fan of pair looks. I actually abhor them especially those lovers who go to theme parks and decide to wear the exact same item. I find it too cheesy and corny. Yeah I already know you’re a couple because you’re publicly displaying affection to each other but wearing the exact shirt, shoes etc is just like pouring two bottles of maple syrup on the pancake. It’s just too much. Maybe I’m just a bitter single bitch who’s just jealous because I don’t have someone to wear the same black outfits with.

* The moment I wore those sandals and socks combo, I know some of my friends are gonna hate on me. When Tokyo Fashion decided to take snaps of our outfits, I knew right then the whole world’s gonna get me. I’ve seen comments in TF’s Facebook page saying how tacky sandals and socks are when combined together. I’m actually aware that most people in the world think of it that away. Well, I don’t. I think it actually works when worn with the right outfit. Plus, I live in Tokyo which is the most perfect place to bend any fashion rule or norm there is. I might as well do it and have fun with it.


photo by Tokyo Fashion

Birthday Wish List

I got bored at home so I decided to send Carey a message and she asked me to go to her house and stay there for the weekend. I think that was the best decision ever because I really had fun “stay-cationing” in her place. We just made ourselves fatter by eating a lot and watching movies and TV series. Thanks to her, I learned to appreciate suspense legal dramas like “Scandal” and “How to Get Away With Murder” which I didn’t really have interest before.

It was a beautiful Sunday and Carey didn’t want to get up from her bed. I love warm autumn days so I tried to pull her out, dress up and take some photos for our blogs. I bet she didn’t regret her decision and so did I. We found this playground surrounded by beautiful trees in her neighborhood and we decided to take some snaps there. I know you guys already know this but let me say this aloud one more time: I LOVE AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!

IMGP0170 IMGP0208 IMGP0173 IMGP0210 IMGP0180

asymmetrical leather jacket, Zara hoodie, H&M sweatpants and New Balance sneakers

No new stuff in this look and I’m sure I’ve posted them here in the blog for so many times. My birthday is next week so for those people who don’t have any ideas of what to give me, I’m writing a wish list so you guys won’t have to think that hard.

* A new pair of sunglasses. It’s been a long time since I owned one and I’m so ready to have a pair of lenses that’s gonna protect my eyes from UV. I prefer an original wayferer sunglasses from Rayban though.

* A new pair of shoes, specifically black leather ones. I have one good pair with me now and I think it has served me well too much so I wanna lay it down to rest. But that’s not gonna happen until I find a new one. Better yet, until someone gives me a new one.

* A pair leather skinny trousers. Don’t ask me why. I just want to have one and I believe my life’s gonna be so much better if I own a skinny leather trousers.

* A new motorcycle jacket. I love this asymmetrical jacket I’m wearing in this look but I need options. The more, the better. So I want a new but classic leather jacket in my closet.

* Or if you guys wanna surprise me but still don’t have any idea, why not try looking at this gift guide?

So if you guys have finally decided on my birthday gift, just email me and I will let you know where to send it. or

Hahahahahaha!!! Kidding!!! But if you’re serious about gifting me, who am I to resist???


photos by Carey Watanabe

My Once Sporty Life

During the past few weeks, I noticed that my looks are getting to the health goth, monochromatic sporty side. I think it’s the Alexander Wang x H&M effect and the bug is still in my subconscious, affecting my choices in clothes.

Since we’re talking about sporty fashion here, I decided to share to you the sporty side of my life. Yes, guys! Even if I look like a twinky who doesn’t even know the word gym exist, there’s a part of my youth that I dedicated to sports. There was also a part of my childhood that I was so active I wanted to try everything that’s gonna make my body fit.


Marc by Marc Jacobs oversized zip up hoodie, Opening Ceremony Japan exclusive sweater, Anti Depressant shorts, Alexander Wang x H&M beanie and Sam Edelman sandals

* When I was 10, I started playing volleyball. I don’t know how I got into the game for some reason. Maybe because I went to an exclusive boys’ school and one way that the straights and the gays separated then was through the sports they play. It’s basketball for the heteros and volleyball for the gays which is also the case in the Philippines per se. I believe I was good then but I wasn’t trained professionally so I think I didn’t really reached my full potential of my volleyball skills. But those were fun days though.

* I was the captain ball of the men’s volleyball team when I was in high school but I didn’t take it too seriously so our team didn’t really take off distances. Haha!

IMGP0134 IMGP0143

* When I left high school for university, my active lifestyle time was totally diverted to my love for theater and the performing arts. I spent 4 years of my life in university and the only time I played sports, specifically volleyball, then was my sophomore year. Other than that, I was too busy directing plays, doing stage management and all those production stuff so I didn’t have the time to insert a little volleyball in my life.

* I moved to Japan and years after my last game, I finally had the chance to play volleyball again. It felt really good to do something that I really loved doing since I was a child. It was so nostalgic and unreal. Then I snapped back to reality when my body got totally sore for 4 days. Hey don’t tell me I’m getting older. That was like more than 10 years of not doing any sports.

IMGP0150 IMGP0142

* In this modern times, going to the beach can make you really feel bad about yourself especially if your body isn’t as good as the other bodies you see in the beach. I feel really insecure (and lusting) towards these hot guys in the beach. There are times when I’m tempted to hit the gym and make my muscles look like guns. But then, whenever I look at my clothes, I don’t wanna abandon them once my body gets bigger with all the workout I’ll be doing. So I choose my clothes over my body building. I know it’s crazy but please don’t judge me. I just want to maintain my body now. Not too big, small framed and avoiding my belly to be a freak show.


I still am not the sportiest person in the world and people have always complained how I’m too skinny, which I don’t buy. I think my body’s just right and I’m really fine with it, unless I don’t go to the gym, the beach or anywhere hot guys with smoking bodies lurk. So for now, being sporty fashionable will do the work for me. Hahaha!!!

But as much as possible, I try to do something physical once in a while like a hiking, biking or some sort. I’m thinking of putting exercise and a more active lifestyle in my goal list for next year. In addition to that, a more beautiful abs is also in the list so you guys watch out!!! HA!!! I’m gonna have a hotter body next summer. That is if I don’t get lazy to exercise and tempted to buy a pack of Snickers and Kitkats in the grocery store across to my apartment.


photos by Carey Watanabe