Bangkok: Day 3

Even with only a few hours of sleep (thanks to our gay night out in Silom), my girls Apprelle, Joy and I decided to get up early the next day and explore the wonderful main temples of Bangkok City. Believe it or not, this is the one that I’m most excited about for my Bangkok trip next to getting reunited with my friends. We took the subway going to Hua Lampong and from there, we waited for a taxi or a tuktuk that will take us to the Grand Palace.


This is the Hua Lampong Station. A tuktuk driver offered us to give a ride for only 40 baht and took us to this dodgy place where there’s a pier of boats for river cruises which were ridiculously expensive. We decided not to take it and saw how disappointed the tuktuk driver was when we handed him the 40 baht which was too cheap for a tuktuk ride. Hahaha! You can’t mess with the former treasurer officer of Teatro Tomasino who’s none other than Apprelle.


We arrived at the Grand Palace and bought the ticket for 500 baht which was good for the Palace and Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The Grand Palace used to be the official residence of the royal family until 1925. Though they now live in the Chitralada Royal Villa, a lot of royal events are still held within the walls of the Grand Palace. Once we entered, my jaw dropped with the majestic architecture of the whole complex, not to mention the amount of visitors who came that day.

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Bangkok: Day 2

On our second day in Bangkok, Apprelle and I visited the famous Jim Thompson House Museum. According to Trip Advisor, this is one of the must-go places in Bangkok so I was convinced that I must see it.

IMGP8500 IMGP8507

Jim Thompson is an American architect prior to the World War II. He volunteered for service and fell in love with Thailand when he was assigned there for a short time. After leaving the military, he returned to Bangkok and decided to live there permanently.


Wearing my black cheeky tee and shorts from Anti Depressant, New Balance sneakers and OS Accessories cap.

The house is made up of six teak buildings combined which came from different places around Thailand. It is elevated one full story above from the ground to avoid flooding from the nearby river during the monsoon season. Every step took in building this house was done with strict observance to customs of early builders.

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Bangkok: Day 1

After my trip to Singapore, I flew straight to Bangkok via Don Muang International Airport aka the old Bangkok airport. I was planning to take the train going to my hotel but when I arrived in the station, the place really looked dodgy (that’s a word that I stole from my Singapore friends. LOL) so I decided to take something else, either a bus or taxi. I already found a taxi station but the stingy me was attacking again so I kept wandering around the airport until I found this lady holding a sign for a bus that takes passengers to the Chachutak market. From the Chachutak market, I could take the BTS or the MRT (subway train) going to anywhere. So I rode the bus and took the MRT going to Sukhumvit where my hotel was. Riding the bus costed only 30 Baht (100yen/0.92 US$). I love how cheap Southeast Asian nations are!!!!


The bus reminded me of those “killer” buses in the Philippines. During my university days, my classmates who live in Bulacan (a province in central Luzon, north of Manila) used to take these downgraded buses going home to their towns with unbelievable speed.


I was impressed with the subway stations in Bangkok. They were clean and looked really safe. I think it’s because they didn’t allow any food and beverage in the trains and stations plus the guards inspect each passenger before getting in. After that, I felt really depressed about my poor motherland Philippines. Damn you, corrupt government officials!!!


This was the view from my hotel. When I first saw it, I immediately understood why Thailand and the Philippines were called twin countries like how people call Mars and Earth as twin planets. Bangkok was like Manila in many aspects but there’s this certain energy in Bangkok that I never felt in my own city. I don’t know but it feels more lively.

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