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Though fresh from an early morning asthma attack that made me go to the hospital really early (imagine 6:45am), that didn’t stop me to go for a picnic with my girl Tina. It was a very sunny Sunday and I didn’t want to waste the chance for a bit of sunshine to touch my face (after applying sun screen, of course). We bought some McDonald’s before heading to Yoyogi Park which was packed with a bunch of people- families, friends and street performers. That’s the logic why this photo diary is filled with portraits and candid shots of peeps around the park. It was fun spending time with Tina, eating under a tree while watching a group of jugglers practice and father-and-son pairs playing ball. After munching our burgers and fries, we decided to listen to music with my IPad and eventually sing to the songs. We even tried blending our voices and we ended up perfecting Alone by Heart. Now we have a new karaoke duet song in the list and I’m intending to put some more.

Though I love going to the clubs, I would rather spread a sheet in the park and have a good time with my friends. It’s more relaxed, non-stressful and definitely more fun than dancing with a bunch of strangers, getting wasted and having a bad case of hangover the next day. That gets worse if you realize you’re lying naked next to somebody who looks like a foot of someone who decided not to put on any kind of footwear for 10 years.

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夢の島/Dream Island Tropical Greenhouse Dome

It was a hot day when my students and I had a visit to the Yume no Shima Tropical Greenhouse Dome which was 30 minutes away from our school. I’m not the biggest dork but I really enjoyed spending time with the kids, learning about plants, biodiversity and how to take care of Mama Nature. Since it was a tropical greenhouse, the botanical dome was more humid compared outside. Instead of getting eeky about it, I felt home because it was that familiar humidity that I always feel whenever I’m in the Philippines. What adds more to the “at-home” feeling was seeing the plants that I usually see as I was growing up like banana, mango and coconut trees. Though the heat was a little bit annoying, that didn’t stop me to run around and play in the big sunken field with my kids which reminded me of the one in the University of the Philippines.

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Meiji Jingu Shrine

I always go to Omotesando and Harajuku and have been to Yoyogi Park for some events but I never had the interest of dropping by and taking a look at the Meiji Jingu Shrine. But after visiting the 2010 Photographer’s Tokyo Collection exhibition and purchasing 2 pairs of sneakers, my feet just magically brought me to one of Japan’s most famous Shinto shrines. Located at the center of Shibuya ward in the metropolis of Tokyo, it was built in commemoration to the great Emperor Meiji who brought Japan to new heights during the Meiji Restoration Era. Though it stands in the middle of an urbanized district, the shrine is surrounded by approximately 100,000 trees which were donated from different parts of Japan during its development. It just perfectly sets the vision of Emperor Meiji and Shintoism- an integration of the East and West and harmony between man and nature. The Meiji Jingu shrine, as what I’ve said earlier, is one of the most famous shrines in the country and it’s a hot spot for first prayers of the year during New Year and wedding ceremonies. Too bad, there was no scheduled matrimonial service when I went there unlike when I visited Kamakura last time. Well-known dignitaries from all around the world, such as Hilary Clinton, have visited the place to offer a prayer and as a sign of respect to the Japanese culture.

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Stop And Smell The Flowers

It’s the time of the year again when the coldness subsides and the temperature starts rising to a much more tolerant level. It’s also time again for Japan to turn pink as the famous cherry blossoms start to bloom in full beauty. Friends, let’s all welcome spring.

Though I’ve always been telling here that I hate spring due to hay fever issues, I can’t deny the fact that there is something relaxing and inspiring whenever I see pretty flowers all around me. I took these photos of my neighborhood which was so beautiful with bright colors. As much as I wanted to go and have hanami (flower viewing picnic) with my friends, our schedules just don’t meet…and hanamis are crazy like people can congest one small park at one time. Nonetheless, that won’t stop me from appreciating these very lovely flowers, though getting near them will give me the unwanted runny nose and itchy throat that I don’t need in my life.

By the way, Happy Easter everyone!

Keiyo Christmas

Hey everyone! I know I owe you a lot of posts and I am really sorry if I haven’t been updating for sometime. It really feels weird to be in the midweek of November having only 7 posts while the previous ones have boosting numbers from 20 to 30 plus. Really weird!

So today, I am trying to write to give you some catch up. This is a shot of mine taken by my co-teacher while on our way home from work. That explains the dead tired eyes and messy hair so anyone can say it’s a not-so-fashionable photo. I tried my best to do a decent pose for the camera but apparently, it didn’t work. I am wearing this jacket that I got in the Philippines which is warm enough to protect me from the harsh Tokyo cold. And I find it odd how warm it is considering the fact that I bought it in my tropical native land.

I also took some shots of the newly renovated Keiyo Street Area in Tokyo Station. Click for more photos and reads.

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One Cloudy Afternoon

I went to Omotesando this afternoon to visit an exhibition which I will feature in my blog later. Before and after going to the exhibit, I took some random shots of one of my favorite spots in Tokyo.

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The First Day Was Bright and Warm

And Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo aka Japan Fashion Week aka Tokyo Fashion Week has officially begun today, October 16, 2011. Here are some snaps I took today in Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi.

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