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And My Hair Is Burned Off!!!

And the most entertaining and most hilar tutorial video of the century goes to Tori Locklear!!!!

Tori honey, I admire your guts to upload this just to get the attention of five young British lads. Turned out you got six million more. Congrats and thank you for making my day!


Birthday Prada

I’ve noticed that Prada plays a very special role in my birthdays for the past two years. There would always be, at least, one person who would gift me a Prada, may it be big or small. It isn’t really my personal favorite brand but who am I to complain if someone gives me one…or more??? You don’t say NO when someone gives you Prada for free. So to continue this unconscious birthday tradition going on in my life, I decided to give myself this camouflage backpack.

I’ve had my eyes on this since summer and my friends know how many times I’ve been going back to Aoyama just to have a glimpse of this beauty. And I’m a happy kiddo now that it’s officially a part of my life. Everyone needs an everyday bag and this back pack is definitely EVERYTHING I want. The shape is classic and the bag itself is very light and functional. It’s perfect to carry to work, travel and even extreme sports. Imagine me trekking the mountains while I have this on my back. And with that camou print, I will take this to any battle that I have to face in life. Ha!

By the way, though November is already over, I am still accepting birthday gifts. Greetings are too late but Prada gifts are totally not. I’m also fine with hitting two birds with one Prada- birthday and Christmas. Hahahahahahaha!!!!