Blogging Ala Jane Aldridge

So my stepdad, mom and I were waiting for the bus on our way to visit the newly opened Tokyo Sky Tree (which I will blog about later) when I asked my mom to take my photos. That was the first time I asked her to do one of the most critical duties of fashion blogging so I was having doubts if she could do it. After looking at the pictures, I immediately appointed her as my new photographer. It’s definitely time for me to do blogging ala Jane Aldridge.

SPINNS Harajuku polka dot buttoned down shirt, vintage hat, H&M bow tie and sunglasses, Forever 21 Men shorts, ABC Mart socks, Zara shoes and IPad case gifted by Mom

So I wore a similar look when I went to Kamakura with my friend Carey but this time, apparently, I wore shorts, added a fedora and a textured dotted iPad bag (another reason to love my mom) and removed my jacket. I kinda regretted wearing this shirt because it was an awfully hot day but I was already blocks away from our house so there was nothing left to do but to stick up for it. I ended up getting tired from the heat and all the walking I did that I woke up late for work the next day.

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I have to say this: I’m impressed with my mom. Really impressed!


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