Meeting Daniel Matsunaga

Holy smokes! I unexpectedly bumped into one of the Philippines hottest male models, the Japanese-Brazilian Daniel Matsunaga here in Tokyo.

I was showing around my grade school friend Jowen from Nagoya when we decided to have a quick stop at Roppongi. We were even having second thoughts if we should do it or just go straight ahead and party at Shinjuku. But since we were only a train station away, we decided to give it a go. After we went through the ticket gates, I passed by this familiar face and thought: HEY! I KNOW THAT GUY. I immediately told my friend Jowen that I thought I saw Daniel Matsunaga and was even bugging him if I should go to him and ask. Though I was very shy to do it, I swallowed my pride in and decided to do it. When he confirmed, he was even nice enough to spend a little of his time for a photo with me. Big thanks to his sister Vanessa who was also kind enough to take the photo and even suggested to take another shot when she thought that the first one was too dark.

Thanks, Daniel! Your sweetness and kindness made my day.

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