Nozomi Ishiguro Autumn-Winter 2012 Haute Couture Show

It was a long road before I got myself to the venue of the Nozomi Ishiguro AW 2012 Haute Couture show. I am familiar with Kabukicho, being known as the red district of Japan’s capital. I’ve been there several occasions (hey! don’t give me that judgmental look) but I haven’t been to the cabarets and clubs there. So it took me a little while to figure out where the New Japan club was. Good thing that Japanese people are one step ahead of everybody so there were a number of staff members stationed on the roads to show the way in case guests get lost like me.

This season, Nozomi Ishiguro entitled his haute couture collection as “taboo” which he justified when he chose a cabaret in the middle of Tokyo’s well-known red light district to be its venue. To top it with a cherry, he also had free beers in can  and a saxist playing live to musically score the event. The musician was even walking around the place to the point that he didn’t even know he was blocking the way for the models. Anyways, Ishiguro-san did again what he is best known for- street-style, mixing different garments in one piece, large volumes and a lot of playing with textures. The over all styling and choice of materials give a very hobo and vintage vibe to the whole collection. Thought it may be a little extreme for some countries, these are actually the pieces that one can see in the streets of Harajuku, thus making it very wearable especially to the young street fashionistas of Tokyo. Though there is still appearances of skinny trousers not only in this collection but also to others who participated in last week’s Tokyo Fashion week, I think it’s quite proper to note the comeback of flared, bell bottomed and wide legged pants to the Japanese fashion scene.

I personally love the gray top with 3d pockets that seem to be popping out from the top itself which you will see in the images below. And also that gray spiky sweater that Rila Fukushima is wearing.

Here are the photos.

Click for more photos and the video of the final walk.

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