Jenne Chrisville x Tinay Pinay

My friend, Hiro, sent me this artwork last night.

This is an illustration of Tinay Pinay, saving me from the forces of evil. For those of you who don’t know, Tinay Pinay is a fictional superhero who made her appearance in the famous Funny Komiks in the Philippines during the 90’s. She was an ordinary rural girl when she received her super powers through an orb that landed on earth. I remember being a super fan of her when I was 10 years old. I would always save a portion of my weekly allowance just to buy the latest issue of the very famous kiddy comic book.

I really love Hiro’s illustration of me and Tinay Pinay but it looks like I’m the gay fashionista sidekick of the latter. LOL! Nevertheless, I wanna extend my deepest appreciation to Hiro for being such a sweetie pie for exerting some of his time and effort in making this piece of art.

I love Tinay Pinay, Funny Komiks and of course, Hiro!!! xxx

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