Is This the Start of World Domination??? LOL!

I got a comment from Honey whom I met from my Lanvin x H&M experience.

“wow you’re famous! Bryanboy saw your blog and that’s how I found you. Remember me? It’s me Honey from Germany :-) I searched you in Facebook but your name didn’t show up. I’m spending the holidays in Germany but will be back in Japan in January. Nice to see you again GM!”

I was so happy to hear from her. I was waiting for her to add me on Facebook but then, I received no invitation from her. But then, the most intriguing part was when she said that Bryanboy saw my blog. I didn’t have any idea of what she was talking about so  I logged in to Twitter and saw a tweet from the holy mother of all bloggers.

I clicked on the link and I couldn’t believe where it lead me.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. A link from Bryanboy’s tweet actually lead to my site???? This is f*cking unbelievable!!!!!!!! The superstar blogger actually acknowledge his fan blogger. The feeling was soooooo amazing!!!!!

I actually checked who tweeted A Very FUR-fect Day and it actually showed Bryan’s tweet.

I really don’t care if he just called me a clone. At least I’m a clone of a person with style! And style is not something that everyone has. Knowing how famous Bryan boy is, look how many views I got within a minute.

Thanks Bryan! You are incredible. I can’t believe how powerful you are until one tweet from you gave me more than 200 views in a minute. Maybe we really are long lost sisters. I just looooooove you!!!!!!

The million dollar question is… “Is this the start of world domination???”. LOL!

Sayonara for now, bitches! Mwah!

2 thoughts on “Is This the Start of World Domination??? LOL!

  1. Honey

    happy for you G! you could be the bryanboy of Japan. This is a good start so keep it up and continue to amaze us with your sassy style 🙂


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