Minimal Kawaii: The Story Behind The Kawaii PH Book Gig

Once again, thank you so much to Tokyo Fashion for featuring this look in their website. It’s my  fourth time to be street-snapped by them and I still get excited every time they post my photo in their site, Instagram and Facebook.

I’m still wearing monochrome but this time, minimalism was the way to go with a pop of kawaii, which I wanna call “minimal kawaii”. I bought this Whimsicute x MADD TEE PARTY “Stay Weird” tote bag a few months ago in the Tokyo Design Festa at the Japan Lover Me booth. I knew I needed to get it for myself once I saw it lying down on the table.
TK-2015-05-23-017-001-Harajuku-600x900TK-2015-05-23-017-004-Harajuku-600x900sweater: Uniqlo
wide legged short pants: gifted
sandals: Sam Edelman
sunglasses: Rayban
tote bag: Whimsicute x MADD TEE PARTY
photo: Tokyo Fashion (Click HERE for more of this look)

Let me tell you a good story.

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Made in Japan: 10 Reasons Why I Love This Country

With the exception of my sunglasses and slippers, I was so delighted to wear almost everything “Made in Japan”. I was in Iruma Premium Outlet in Saitama prefecture a few weeks ago and I found this Onitsuka Tiger x Andrea Pompilio t-shirt on sale. I’ve been dying to get something from this beautiful collection since I first saw it in the Onitsuka Tiger showroom two years ago. That’s why I immediately grabbed this beautiful black tee when I saw it all alone and lonely in a corner of a few pieces from the collection.

I also found this white wide-legged cropped pants in the women’s section of United Arrows two months ago when I went to Yokohama. In my eight years of residence in Japan, I’ve ignored United Arrows in my radar until I saw these pants which I’ve been wanting to have for so long. I also went around the men’s section of the store and realized that they were also selling minimalist pieces for men. I fell in love with it and in fact, I even brought a friend here who was looking for an affordable Japanese brand that was very Japanese in aesthetics…and he loved it. I think I’ll be visiting United Arrows more in the future.

IMG_0362.JPG IMG_0364.JPG

t-shirt: Andrea Pompilio for Onitsuka Tiger
pants: United Arrows
sunglasses: Rayban
sandals: Nike
photography: Christina Ras

IMG_0371.JPG IMG_0370.JPG

Supporting anything made in Japan is important to me because aside from the fact that I’m living here, I have a number of reasons why I love this beautiful country. With that being said, that love didn’t come to me suddenly once I watched my first episode of Sailor Moon. My love for Japan has a story that started all the way from when I was a young boy in Manila up to the present that I’m living here. It took me time to actually say “I love Japan” and really mean it. Being the person who loves making lists, I’ll share to you my top ten reasons why I love Japan.

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What Makes You Happi?

This Christian Dada happi shirt is one of my most favorite pieces in my closet. FIrst, because it’s black and second, it’s a classic with a twist. If you guys don’t know, this was inspired from the famous Japanese happi coat which is usually worn in festivals. That explains the more-than-usual big sleeves. I made it clean, neat and simple by wearing my basic black shorts and white sandals.


shirt: Christian Dada
shorts: Armani Exchange
sandals: Sam Edelman
photos: Sayoko Hokazono

For some reason, I want to share to you a list of things that make “happi”.

* Seeing my family after a long time of being away from them makes me happi.

* Hanging out with my friends makes me happi.

* Music, specifically electronic dance music, makes me happi. I find myself changing my preference in music as of late. Though greatly penned ballads and show tunes hit me in the heart, still.

* Traveling makes me happi. Discovering a new place and meeting new people are such a delight.

* Reconnecting with people from the past who I didn’t pay much attention to and seeing them in a different but more beautiful light in the present make me happi.

* Cleaning my apartment makes me happi. There’s something magical about a dustless floor and a shiny bathroom.

* Shopping, beautiful clothes and looking good make me happi.

* A sense of achievement makes me happi. I’m also happi when my friends achieved something big in their lives. It’s inspiring.

* Indian, Thai and Filipino food make me happi. Chinese and Italian too.

What about you? What makes you happi?


Leather You Like It Or Not

It’s been a long time since the last time I wore this leather sweater I got last year (or 2 years ago?) and I decided to wear it again…on this warm spring day that almost felt like summer. Big fail but hey!  My hair is on point. My outfit is on point. My backdrop and lighting are on point. VSCO filters made my photos more on point. I guess it paid off. HA!

IMG_9908.JPGIMG_9910.JPG IMG_9913.JPG IMG_9912.JPG IMG_9911.JPGIMG_9909.JPG

sweater: Zara
shorts: Armani Exchange
shoes: New Balance
sunglasses: Rayban
leather backpack: Marc by Marc Jacobs
photos: Christina Ras

Some people love leather while some hate it. Whatever their reasons for loving or hating it, I don’t know but the truth of the matter is: leather will always be here to stay in the fashion world. And like leather, here are some facts of life that we need to face…leather we like them or not.

* Leather you like it or not, the world isn’t gonna stop for you when you fall down to the ground. So get your ass up, dust yourself off and move again.

* Leather you like it or not, some people aren’t in your life for the long run. They will only stay until you’ve learned what you need to learn from them. As much as you want them to stay due to emotional attachment or whatsoever, it’s just not going to happen…and that’s okay.

* Leather you like it or not, life is not easy. It’s one hard ass of a bitch. It’s not a smooth ride. There’ll be lots of tests, “antagonists”, and sharp edges where you will hit your head. But it’s up to you how you will react to these stimuli. It’s up to you how you will perceive them and what you’ll make from these experience.

* Leather you like it or not, there’s only person who you’ll always have for the rest of your life. And that person is none other than you. That’s why you need to love yourself more than anything or anyone. In the words of RuPaul Charles, if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you’re gonna love somebody else?

* Leather you like it or not, nothing is permanent in this world except for change. If you wanna keep up, then you need to evolve with the times.

* Leather you like it or not, you can’t please everybody. You can’t force to make everyone like you. It’s just the way it is. So you need to cherish those people who love you for who you are.

* Leather you like it or not, you won’t always get everything you want. Maybe because there are things that you want but actually are bad for you. Or maybe because it takes a little bit more time and when that time comes, everything will make sense.

* Leather you like it or not, you can’t really blame your misery to anyone else because your life is the total sum of the decisions you make in your existence. The world might be throwing you lots of shit but if you choose to be better, then it’ll be…but of course, if you work for it.



I’m not the sportiest person in town but I love me some health goth, especially when it’s a mixture of seasoned luxury and newcomer street brands and of course, real sports labels. More interesting if you put some brand clash.

IMG_9611.JPG IMG_9613.JPG IMG_9614.JPG IMG_9612.JPG

t-shirt: Adidas Originals
shorts: Anti-Depressant
shoes: Nike
leather cap: Marc by Marc Jacobs
sunglasses: Rayban
photos: Rexcy Domingo

Lately, the demons in my head are attacking me once again. Insecurities, doubts, fears, anxieties etc. As much as I thought I was contented with my life last year, these voices are starting to bug me. Having negativity towards other people and myself is not the best feeling in the world. But then, I bounce back by reminding me that we are all humans and this is life. Both are not perfect so we shouldn’t expect the ride to be always smooth sailing. Thanks to the people around me who are also a reminder that everything’s gonna be fine.

Indeed, being happy and contented with whatever we have is a battle we must face everyday. Like any other relationship, self-love also needs maintenance. Times and situations change and different challenges will come along the way which will test our strength. With any goal we have, the only thing we need to do is persevere. Because as much as it is harsh, life is also beautiful.

So yeah, peeps, I’m gonna be just fine.


The 1989 World Tour Tokyo Experience

Listening to Taylor Swift is one guilty pleasure that I’m really not guilty about. With all my not-so-good-experience in love, I’ve tried making myself more nonchalant about the subject. But Taylor’s romantic lyricism never fails to hit my heart rock bottom. It gives me all the feels I need to go back to my old hopeless romantic teenage self.

So when I heard that Taylor’s gonna bring the 1989 World Tour in Tokyo, I promised myself that  I’m gonna get my ass to Tokyo Dome for her concert no matter what. But getting tickets in Japan are very complicated with all these lottery shenanigans they have here so I wasn’t able to buy for myself. I just gave up to the fact of seeing her perform live. But through some twist of fate, I found out that a co-worker had an extra ticket for the 1989 World Tour concert and she was very willing to go with me. It reminded me of an old cliche that says, “if it’s for you, then it’s gonna come to you in time.” And it did!

IMG_9751.JPG IMG_9753.JPG IMG_9752.JPG

* I love the free wristband lights that changes in synchrony to the music being played by Taylor during the entire concert. Sometimes, it would look like the beautiful lights of New York City, a beautiful galaxy of blue stars or a flood of pink flowers for a love song. Props to the you, lights people!!!

* All those outfits for the whole concert were to die for. Taylor was giving us sexy, girly, dreamy, S&M and everything. My favorite was that pink dress that lights up in the dark which she wore for “How You Get The Girl”. The moment she went out in that dress, I immediately shouted “kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”.

* The 1989 World Tour is a testament of Taylor’s new chapter as an artist. We all know that her 1989 album is Tay-Tay’s final farewell to country music to go full-fledged pop superstar. And this tour even makes that more evident. It’s a testament that Taylor isn’t afraid to experiment with her music styles by giving also sharing different versions of her past hits like a rock flavored “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together” and a slow beat but nevertheless feel-good version of “Love Story”. This is proof that Taylor can own any genre of music as long as she has her signature lyricism that talks about love and its complications.

* Let’s face it: Taylor doesn’t have the greatest voice nor the best moves but what she lacks in performing skills, she makes it up not only for her brilliance in creating music but also her charm. She’s very relatable with the way she shares her life and lessons about love with her music and concert spiels. She’s not afraid to open up about her relationships, making her vulnerable and human in so many ways. Once, you see that in Taylor, you won’t see her as a pop idol but as a friend. And like a best gal friend, she falls in love, hates and disses the ex, stumbles, and rises up with you all through the journey. She does all of these with her music which immediately turns you into a “swiftie” (what they usually call a Taylor Swift fan).

I love you, Taylor! Though sometimes, I disagree with your views about love (it’s just me being the older guy here), you still give me the right dosage of cheesiness that I occasionally need in my life. That means that your music hits a special place in my heart and that’s a lot. You don’t need to be like me nor I don’t need to be like you for me to love you. Just be who you are, that dreamy girl with some much passion for everything she does but remains sweet, vulnerable and human. Our differences won’t stop me from admiring you. Continue to inspire your fans all over the world, telling them that in relationships, it’s definitely okay to love and give it all, fall down, stand up, dust yourself off and rise above it all.

I wish that in the future, I’d be able to talk and share with you my thoughts about life and love and maybe you’ll be able to learn something from it. It may even inspire you to create beautiful music. I believe that it’s possible because I know that you’re reading this somewhere. For now, thank you for the beautiful music.


There’s A Time For Chanel

If there’s one luxury brand that I really want for myself, it’s Chanel. I’ve always wanted a medium-sized Boy Bag in black caviar leather with silver metallic details. I always drool whenever I see one in the windows of their boutiques in Tokyo. But we all know the prize of a Chanel bag is no joke. One costs equally to a luxury trip to Maldives or even enough to explore Southeast Asia. If I was younger and had all that money, I’d gladly spurge it to satisfy my material girl inside. But I’m a changed man. I’d rather choose traveling than shopping that’s why the Chanel dreams are always on hold. Like what I always tell myself, “There’s always a time for Chanel.”  

IMG_9663.JPG IMG_9662.JPG IMG_9661.JPG IMG_9659.JPG IMG_9660.JPG

Then one day, my wallet decided to retire by not closing itself even if I zipped it a gazillion times. That means only two things; either I continue holding on to my embarrassing broken wallet or buy a new one. I chose the latter. So when I went around Yokohama, I found this second hand Chanel black leather wallet which is in perfect condition and in a very reasonable price. I saw it, pulled out my credit card and decided not to look back. Now I know why I haven’t been shopping for clothes for the last three months.

Can you tell how much of a happy girl I am now that Chanel has come into my life??? Pretty sure you do. As for the Boy Bag, let me just say this: one Chanel at a time.


A Vision Of Minimalism In Black

We’re almost in the end of the Golden Week holiday here in Japan and that means going back to the work-hard-to-party-hard-but-pay-the-bills-first reality of my life. Due to some financial constraints, I chose not to travel somewhere unlike most people here in Japan do during Golden Week but it doesn’t mean I’m having the most boring time ever. I find this year’s GW very productive because I was able to finish immigrant obligations, watch in the movie house which I’ve been dying to do for a long time, hangout with my friends, do a little shopping (which I will blog about later) and have my own ME time in my own personal space.

Yesterday, I went to Yokohama with some of my friends wearing this black ensemble which is a mixture of new and not-so-new pieces from my closet. I had no idea what to wear yesterday so I just decided to put all of these on me and I’m glad it work for my style and comfort. But seriously, I think I really need some white clothes in my life.

IMG_9654.JPG IMG_9655.JPG IMG_9658.JPG IMG_9657.JPG IMG_9656.JPGsweater: vintage Dior from Funktique Harajuku
shorts: Armani Exchange
sunglasses: Rayban
sandals: Sam Edelman
photos: Kiko Cagayat