SSS (Super Stores in Singapore)

I know I’ve said this for so many times but I’m gonna say it again because it’s the truth. During my trip to Southeast Asia, believe it or not, shopping wasn’t on top of my list. I was too scared to spend extravagantly. I know myself especially when it comes to fashion purchases. I can be really tame on good days then suddenly go for the skies during the bad days. Like “let’s freaking buy that and don’t care about the next bill”. Then I end up trying my best to save the best of what’s left in my pocket.

But for some weird reason, life knows how to make me go back to shopping. I was in the middle of a dim sum lunch with my girls Miko and Wai when the latter told me about this really cool Singaporean brand Depression which I might like because of my love for anything monochrome. I was trying my best to send signals to her that I didn’t wanna spend anything for clothes but she was so persistent that she called her friend to ask the designer’s number so she can book me an immediate appointment to their store. Everything happened so fast and before I knew it, I was already in the train on my way to Orchard to visit the first store, Sects Shop.


The Sects Shop is a newly-opened multi-label concept store opened by Depression’s creative directors Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim. It’s located in the newly built Orchard Gateway that sells a variety of new menswear labels from all around the globe like South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Australia and others. I know guys! The name play happening here can be really naughty. I was also confused when I first heard it. I even thought it was my lack of comprehension of Singlish. LOL! But I guess the word play makes sense because “all men love SECTS”. Get it? Such a perfect marketing strategy. Sects sells.

The shop was basically wide with a size of 1600 sq ft and just opened last April. The store is divided into four different genres (street, preppy, edgy and casual) of fashion and each had their own corners.


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Sillier and Sillier

This is the result of me putting all these stuff in my place that I wanted to try on. Hahaha! Special mention to that black medical mask that my dearest Emika gave me for no reason at all. She knows my heart’s desire and she knew that I’ve been wanting to have a black medical mask so she gave me a pack of it. These have been around as a trend since last season and I love how some of the Harajuku kids play with it by decorating the mask with several cool stickers. I think I’m gonna do that too with Sailormoon stickers. Bandwagon whore! LOL!

IMGP9632 IMGP9652 IMGP9637 IMGP9649

I got this Anti Depressant tee from Singapore and I was surprised that people find it really eye catching when I thought it’s normal.

IMGP9638 IMGP9664 IMGP9673

Anti Depressant t-shirt, Topshop leather vest, Asics shorts, Nike sneakers and Marc by Marc Jacobs leather cap

Ok, I think I’m gonna stop now because I’m just getting sillier like my cute silly shirt. Today is certainly one of those days. Hahaha!!! Kids, this is what happens when you’ve been sitting in front of the computer for a long period of time. Don’t do it!


Depression Day

I’m feeling this minimal look here like how my sister Karl and his beau Larrend do their thing. I wish I was more of a minimal person. Clean, neat, serene and all. But I guess I’m a natural clutter even before my monochrome days. Haha! So I guess I can safely say that achieving this minimalist of a look is an achievement for me. Hahahaha!! See??? If you try to speak aloud what I’m writing here, I sound like clutter- nonsense and all. Hahaha!!! And no, I’m not high.

This is what I wore two weeks ago when I visited my friend Akemi and her lovely family for some lunch, movie and catch up talks. Another girl friend of ours, Tina, also joined us later. It was a cloudy day and the temperature is getting cooler as the days past by so I thought it was the perfect time to wear this Anti Depressant shirt I bought in Singapore. But it was still fine to wear shorts so my legs were safe. Ahhhhh!!! I love that autumn is coming. I can’t wait for the leaves to turn red, orange and yello. But the changing of the seasons brings me those unnecessary cough and colds in my life which I totally abhor.

IMGP9587 IMGP9594 IMGP9599

If you’ll ask me how much I’m in love with these stud details on my Depression pullover, I have a very sure answer! SOOOOOOOO MUCH that I’m willing to marry it. Is marrying your own clothes not legal yet? I’m eyeing a beach or an underwater wedding.

IMGP9596 IMGP9605

I don’t know if this is just a mere pair of shorts or a skort. I really don’t care! As long as it’s beautiful, I shall wear it.

IMGP9617 IMGP9623 IMGP9614

Anti Depressant studded pullover, Depression leather shorts and Sam Edelman slippers

Can I just say how much I love supporting new, young and upcoming designers? It’s like contributing to the reality of someone else’s dreams. This is one of the things I’ve promised to myself early this year. I promised that I will support new talents and make good relationship with brands that I firmly believe in- Japanese, Singaporean, Filipino or wherever they are from.


photos by Christina Ras