What’s Cooking?

Hello there, children! It’s been a while since I posted an OOTD here and it seems like Jenne Chrisville is getting towards the direction of a travel blog more than a style blog. I’m not complaining though coz I’m just really going with the flow of what I feel like posting here. After all, my style isn’t the core DNA of JC but it’s the actual ME. Conceited as it sounds but that, my friends, is the real score in this place. HA!

This look has been waiting in the wings since last year. My friend Satchiko took these shots last summer and I just didn’t know what content I wanna include in here. That’s what you call a major backlog, kids. But anyways, we took these when Satchi paid me a visit in my apartment and I gave her a tour around my area going all the way to Ueno Park. When I saw this gray minimalist of a wall, we looked at each other and we clearly understood what was gonna happen next.  

t-shirt: Lui’s
shorts: Depression Singapore
sandals: Sam Edelman
sunglasses: Rayban
photos: Satchiko Gonzales

So guys, I have a legit question here. Do you like cooking???

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Shigakogen Ski Resort, Nagano Prefecture January 2016

One of my goals for 2016 is to be good at snowboarding. Ever since my friend Phoebus introduced me to the sport, I’ve been thinking about it and wonder when can I do it again. So when he invited me for an extreme winter sports getaway in Nagano, I just couldn’t say no. Besides it’s also the best way to end the first month of 2016.

Ok, let me start these shenanigans with a good selfie. LOL! Phoebus told me that it’s time I buy my own snowboarding stuff since I’m already hooked to it. I agreed with him and he even suggested that I start with my wear since I’m a fashion blogger. I chose this monochromatic pair with bold writings on it. Truth to be told, white wear isn’t advisable when doing winter sports because it would be very difficult to find in case of emergency but I guess the loud black designs will make me noticeable. Well, my attitude is big enough to find me wherever I am. Hahaha!!!

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Manila, Philippines December 2015 Part 4

WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY. I wanna finish my Philippine trip entries already so I’m dumping all of my photos from my last days in Manila in this post. You’ve been warned.

The next day after I arrived from Cebu, I went to Ayala, Makati to see my good friend Ria who I’ve met in Tokyo but is now working at Singapore.


Snippets of Greenbelt area. Makati, particularly Ayala, makes me feel like I’m not in the Philippines. It’s so much different from the place I grew up. It’s truly globalized and industrialized, giving you an illusion that there’s no poverty happening outside of it…or maybe this is the only good side of Makati and I couldn’t see the rest.

Ria had been home in the Philippines for a month already and I was starting to miss Japanese food at that time so we decided to eat something Japanese. We went to Maisen Katsu in Greenbelt and I’m telling yo this: Maisen Katsu Philippines is as good as it is in Japan. The same famous crispy-on-the-outside, tender-and-juicy-in-the-inside tonkatsu from Tokyo has finally invaded Manila and I was really glad that there’s no difference from what they serve back home. No alterations for the Filipino taste buds! What makes it more amazing is the Japanese level of customer service there. Once I’ve finished consuming something, whether it’s my side cabbage or my cold tea, the staff immediately asked me if I wanted more servings with full initiative. Their politeness (choose of words and tone when talking) is also commendable. It was like Filipinos talking in a very polite Japanese manner. I give Maisen Katsu Philippines a 9. What will make them achieve that last point to perfection? Japanese-speaking staff. THAT.WOULD.BE.REALLY.IMPRESSIVE.

After some good lunch, we went to the Ayala Museum nearby which, at that time, was exhibiting gold culture from the Philippines and other parts of Asia. Philippine textiles from different regions were also in display.

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Cebu, Philippines December 2015 Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my Cebu adventures last winter break. If you haven’t seen the first part yet, click HERE to check it out.

My family, together with Uncle Godi and Auntie Elvie’s family, went to an adventure to the south of Cebu particularly in the town of Oslob which was 3 hours by car from Cebu City but can be longer depending on how bad the traffic is.

My eyes couldn’t stop looking outside the window as we passed by these rural towns going to Oslob. The country side charms every urban child like me with its serenity and laidback atmosphere. All the green trees and fields seem to sing a song of beautiful harmony that makes me wanna stay there forever. The peacefulness was everything.

These kissing swan towels greeted us when we arrived at our hotel.


Twinning with my sister Karen while waiting for everyone to get ready for our next activity. She flew all the way from Tokyo to be with us in Cebu. I was so happy to share this experience with my lovely sister who continues to grow as a very fine but strong lady. I love her to death!

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Cebu, Philippines December 2015 Part 1

I’m back to narrating my Philippine trip last winter break. If you haven’t seen the first three parts of my Manila adventures click HERE, HERE and HERE.

One of my goals during my Philippine trip last month was to explore my motherland, to go to some new place I’ve never been before or revisit places that I’ve been to when I was younger. My friends and I were supposed to go to Baguio City, the summer capital, but due to unfavorable circumstances, we decided to cancel the trip. Good thing, my family and I planned a trip to Cebu. I’ve been to there when I was still a little kid but I can’t remember anything about it so I decided to go there after Christmas with my whole family.


We flew to Cebu City a day after Christmas and was picked up by our family friends Uncle Godi and Auntie Elvie. Uncle Godi used to take care of my mom and her siblings when they were younger while Auntie Elvie was my mom’s good friend in high school. The couple got married and moved to Cebu together with their 3 children. They also took care of my sister when she went to Cebu to study.

They were kind enough to give us a good breakfast before heading to a city tour.

Our first stop was the famous Mactan Shrine where the first revolt against the Spanish colonizers, lead by chief Lapu Lapu, took place. Cholo, Uncle Godi’s second son, told me that they make a special dramatization of the historical war during its anniversary at the sea shore near the shrine.

Lapu Lapu’s life size statue in the Mactan Shrine made me wonder if his body was also that ripped in real life.  Continue reading

Goals For 2016

Okay, guys!!  Just give me a breather because my Philippine posts aren’t over yet and I’m not even finish with half of it. Maybe an outfit post will do as a break.

Do you have any goals for 2016? A goal list is the first thing I do whenever a new year is coming to give myself a direction. I want a tangible list of my goals so it would be instilled in my mind and that makes it easier and the push I need to achieve them. “It’s written in my goal list. Therefore, I need to make it happen.” It really helps a lot.

leather bomber jacket: OAK NYC
jeans: Levi’s
shoes: vintage
photo: Rexcy Domingo

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Manila, Philippines December 2015 Part 3

Welcome to the third installment of my Manila adventures last winter break. If you guys haven’t seen the first and second parts, go and click away (click HERE for part 1 and HERE for part 2).

I remember making a promise to my good friend Jan in university that I’m gonna attend his wedding when that day comes. Then two years ago, he told me that he was getting married to our classmate and friend Jean and as a man of my word, I kept my promise. In fact, this was the main reason why I went to the Philippines this time. Thanks to Jan and Jean for giving me a reason to come home! Honestly, I wasn’t aware that they had a thing until they told me they were tying the knot. Can you believe that? LOL!

It was fun to relive university days with my classmates during the reception and catch up with them after three years of not seeing each other. I’m so proud of them for what they’ve achieved 8 years after graduating. Some of them are resident writers for major book publishers in the Philippines. Some are full-time instructors in our university and are now colleagues with our former professors. Some are taking further studies in our own chosen fields of endeavor. Listening to their stories inspired me to do so much more with my capabilities and push myself to make more use of my talents.


Jean looked very pretty in her wedding dress which was donated by our former Filipino professor, Professor Gualvez, who happened to be one of the principal sponsors of the wedding. Seeing Ma’am Gualvez brought tears to my eyes because she’s one of my life mentors. Most of the life hacks I share to you guys here in Jenne Chrisville came from her and I think I’m not the person I am right now if I didn’t have the chance to meet her in this lifetime. I will be forever in her debt for everything she taught me.


The next day was another blogger day. I went to EDSA Shangri-La Mall and SM Megamall to spend some quality time with Crissey (again!), Tricia and Farrah, who I met for the first time although we’ve been following each other in social media. Funny story: Farrah helped me book my first UBER ride from Rockwell to Sucat, Paranaque because she was feeling for me for having so much stuff with. Thank you, Farrah!

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Manila, Philippines December 2015 Part 2

This is the second part of my Manila adventures last winter break of 2015 and if you haven’t seen the first part of it, click HERE so you can check it out.

My best friend Zowie and I were supposed to visit the National Museum in Manila but sadly, the place is closed on Mondays so we decided to just go around Intramuros for a bit of history and culture. For some reason, every time I go to the Philippines for a visit, I never fail to drop by Intramuros. I did the same thing three years ago (click HERE for related entry) and I’m not sure if it’s the childhood memories (my grade school is located in Intramuros) or the lust for Filipino culture that draws me to the place. Nevertheless, I always enjoy it every time I’m there. My parents didn’t have anything to do that day so I just tagged them along with me.

Luneta/Rizal Park from the car. Though I always visit Intramuros, I don’t get to go here and I don’t know why. I’ll put that in my bucket list for my next Philippine trip. And the National Museum too because I wanna see the larger-than-life Spolarium by the great Juan Luna.


Snippets of Roxas Boulevard. One of the things that I realize during this trip is that Manila is a beautiful city. It has its own charm because you can see it changing right before your eyes. You can see the new infrastructures budding everywhere while remnants of its old self still lurk around in some areas. Continue reading